How Much Does a Whooping Cough Shot Cost?

Whooping cough, also called pertussis, is a prolonged or severe cough illness that is very contagious.  Cold-like symptoms with mild cough appear at first, but the symptoms eventually become violent with rapid coughing until lungs run out of air.  People who have the disease spread it to others through droplets from the mouth and nose.  Very young infants are at highest risk for the disease, but it can be present in people of all ages.

Everyone from ages 7 up to adulthood needs to be vaccinated with the whooping cough vaccine.  DTaP is the vaccine for children under 7 years old, while Tdap is for children 7 and up, adolescents and adults.  The pertussis vaccine is given with the diphtheria and tetanus vaccines, hence, the acronym DTaP and Tdap.  The reason that this vaccine is so important is due to the extremely contagious nature of this sickness.  Because the symptoms appear like a simple cold at first, the disease can be spread before the person even knows he has it.

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