How Much Do Window Screens Cost?

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A window screen is a vital component to your window system in your home.  The screen is the part of the window that can prevent unwanted bugs or debris from coming in the house.  With the help of a window screen, you can open the windows to enjoy the breeze without having to deal with pests.  Depending on the weather and how much you use your screens, they can become damaged or simply worn out.  Whether you want to get new window screens for your windows or you need to replace the ones that you have, the cost of replacing window screens will usually depend on the size, the contractor being used and the number of windows that need screens.


How much is it?

of Screen
per Square Foot
Aluminum$0.25 to $0.40
Bronze$1 to $2
Copper$1 to $1.80
Pet$20 to $30 per kit
Solar$1.50 to $3
Vinyl$0.15 to $0.30

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know:

How can I save money?


Average Reported Cost: $0

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Less Expensive $1 $1.5K $3K $5K $6.5K More Expensive $8k

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