How Much Does Bunion Surgery Cost?

A bunion occurs when the big toe slants inward toward the second toe, causing the bone to jut out from the side of your foot.  This disfigurement can cause many issues.  First of all, you may feel pain when wearing shoes since they are not designed for that foot shape.  Second, the bunion can cause pain in the rest of your foot since there are things out of place.  And third, bunions can be somewhat embarrassing when wearing open toed shoes.

While shaving off the bone is one of the options, there a different surgeries that can be done to repair a bunion.  The process involves the restructuring of the bones and aligning them in a way that the foot will get back to its normal appearance and shape again.  While the cost of this surgery may cost a lot, it will be well worth it to some since it will allow you to have a foot that is shaped correctly and does not cause you pain.

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