How Much Does Cake Frosting Cost?

Frosting, also known as icing, only makes the cake more tasteful, giving birth to the saying “the icing on the cake.”  Frosting can also be used on other treats, aside from cake, such as cupcakes and cookies.

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Types of frosting

  1. Buttercream – It’s made from butter and an icing sugar and works well with a cake filling and crumb coat.  Buttercream can be homemade or ready made.  Buttercream can come in the following forms:  American-style, crusting, flour, cream cheese, custard, french, fudge, meringue and rolled.
  2. Flower Paste –  This is an elastic and stronger frosting that can be colored similar to other pastes.  It’s perfect to create shapes because it can hold once dry.
  3. Frosting – Buttercream often doesn’t hold its shape, and this is where frosting can come in.  This frosting is a lot like buttercream, but it can be more stable since it has a pasteurized dried egg white.  This frosting is nice if you want to add colors since buttercream and other options may be limited.
  4. Glace Icing – This frosting is created by mixing icing sugar with a liquid such as water.
  5. Mexican Paste – Like the flower paste, Mexican paste is stretchier but can hold its shape just as well.  Since it’s elastic, it’s able to be rolled out as thin as a piece of paper.
  6. Poured Fondant – This fondant is used to top cakes and can dry to a shiny and smooth finish.
  7. Royal Icing – This pure icing is smooth, hard and will have a matte finish.  It’s made from egg whites and icing sugar, but some bakers don’t use this type of frosting since the pasteurized egg could cause health risks.  Royal icing will commonly be found to create a snow scene on a cake or it can add details such as dots and swirls.  It’s also perfect for keeping a gingerbread house together since it can dry hard.
  8. Sugar Paste – Also referred to as fondant or roll out icing, this frosting can come in an array of colors and is known to be put on top of cookies and cupcakes.  This smooth frosting is easy to roll out and can taste great.

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Tips to know

How to decorate a cake with frosting

How to decorate cupcakes with frosting

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