How Much Does a Carnation Pomander Cost?

A carnation pomander was originally a form of aromatherapy.  A ball filled with perfume was worn around the neck or carried in a vase as a way to fight infection as well as make the carrier smell nice.  Pomanders that are for a wedding have the same idea; they are flowers that are arranged in the form of a ball.  The original pomander was usually about the size of a tennis ball, while wedding pomanders can come in many sizes, even as big as a basketball.

A carnation pomander is simply a pomander ball made from carnations.  Rather than having bouquets of flowers arranged at your wedding reception, you could highly consider carnation pomanders.  It is creatively designed in a ball structure, and you can even get it customized according to your wedding theme.  You could buy a carnation pomander made by a florist or you could make it yourself.  These carnation pomander balls can be hung from the ceiling at different heights or placed on the table as a centerpiece.

Carnation 0308 4888 by Ross Elliott, on Flickr
Carnation 0308 4888” (CC BY 2.0) by  Ross Elliott

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