How Much Does an Enhanced Drivers License Cost?

The enhanced driver license,  also known as an “EDL,” is a convenient drivers license that acts in conjunction with the Homeland Security Department.  With this type of drivers license, drivers will be able to cross the borders from the United States to Canada without any passport.  Keep in mind that this license is only available in a handful of states today.  These states include Michigan, New York, Vermont and Washington State.

How much is it?

$20 more than standard license
New York
$30 more than standard license
$25 more than standard license
$15 more than standard license

SEE:  How much does a drivers license cost? to see what a license will cost in your state.

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know:

How can I save money?


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Less Expensive $1 $1.5K $3K $5K $6.5K More Expensive $8k

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