How Much Does a Glider Plane Cost?

A glider plane is a type of aircraft that relies on the air current to lift its wings rather than an engine to make it fly.  There are several types of glider planes, but the main two types are used for either recreation or for transportation.  Recreational glider planes can usually be purchased at hobby stores, and depending on the type of glider, it can be a simply step up from a paper airplane or can be a more complex glider resembling a remote control plane.  A glider plane that is used for transportation is meant to fly much like a normal plane except without the use of an engine.

There are similarities between gliders and planes with engines, but there are also many differences.  For example, the cockpit of a glider plane is quite small, seating only one or two people.  Second, the wings of a glider plane are longer and thinner than those of a conventional airplane.  The moving parts of the wings, which are the same as those on an engine airplane, are maneuvered by a control stick that is situated between the pilot’s legs within the cockpit.  These parts allow the plane to turn, rise, and fall as the pilot desires.  Finally, a glider plane has landing gear like a normal plane.  However, to reduce the weight of the plane, a glider only has one wheel that is released below the cockpit.  The wind helps to keep the plane balanced on the wheel when landing to avoid dragging and damaging the plane.

Glider by simonov, on Flickr
Glider” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  simonov

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