How Much Does the Gumball Rally Cost?

The Gumball Rally is a yearly event that is meant for drivers who want to see the world while driving a nice car.  Initiated in 1999 by the British entrepreneur, racing driver and creative director Maximillion Cooper, the Gumball 3000 Rally is a 3,000-mile, or 4,800-kilometer, international drive on public roads, following different routes around the world.  The occasion is not an actual race or timed event.  Rather, organizers underscore, the Gumball Rally is a road trip adventure; not to mention, it is a display of the world’s most exotic and powerful sports cars.  While this was the original intent of the Gumball Rally, the recent years have seen non-sports cars entering the rally as well.  Unusual entries have also been seen, such as camper vans and police cars.

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