How Much Do Fake Diamonds Cost?

Fake diamonds can be placed in rings, necklaces and many other items that regular diamonds can be placed in for a fraction of the cost.

Cubic Zirconia by Jack Spades, on Flickr
Cubic Zirconia” (CC BY 2.0) by Jack Spades

How much is it?

Type of JewelryCost
Black Cubic Zirconia Surrounded By Round CZs Surrounded By Sterling Silver$85
Emerald Cut Cubic Zirconia Ring in Sterling Silver Setting$65
Round Cubic Vintage Zirconia Ring$50
Round CZ Ring Set in a White, Silver-Plated Metal $35
Round Moissanite Ring Set in a 14K White$300
Round Moissanite Ring Set in a 14K White$800
Square Shaped Cubic Zirconia In a Sterling Silver Mounting$40

What is going to be included?

  • A fake diamond will be made from a material that’s designed to resemble a real diamond.  The biggest difference, however, is the physical and chemical properties.  On the market, you will find the materials will vary.
  • Common types of fake diamonds are going to include a cubic zirconia, white sapphire, moissanite, white topaz and rhinestone.  The cubic zirconia, which has the look of a diamond, is classified as a diamond simulant.  This tends to be the most popular type on the market.  A white sapphire is another popular alternative and is colorless.  Even though it isn’t as hard as a diamond, it is harder than the cubic zirconia. Moissanite is a rarer material, and most of the time, diamonds used from this material will be generated in a lab.  It has more color and tends to sparkle, something other fake diamond material doesn’t do.  White topaz is just that — white, but it can be more prone to damage.
  • Depending on what is purchased, a piece of jewelry may come included with a manufacturer warranty.   This will last anywhere from 1 to 5 years.
  • Fake diamonds can often be found at department stores, QVC or even online jewelers.

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know:

How can I save money?

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