How Much Do Organic Eggs Cost?

Organic eggs are one of the many choices you have when purchasing eggs.  Organic eggs tend to be healthier and safer than other processed foods.  In general, organic foods will be more expensive than non-organic, but the health benefits they offer more than make up for the extra cost.

The hens where the farmers get organic eggs from have to be raised a certain way.  First, the hens are not allowed to be kept in cages but have to have an open space to live.  Second, the hens can only be given organic feed unless there is one that is actually sick and in need of antibiotics.  While these organic eggs will not stay fresh for as long as other eggs, they are much fresher and healthier.

Organic Eggs China - Chicken Farm by, on Flickr
Organic Eggs China – Chicken Farm” (CC BY 2.0) by

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