How Much Does an Outhouse Cost?

An outhouse is basically a small building located near the main building on a property.  It also serves as an outdoor toilet.  An outhouse will be beneficial if your building is located in an area where there are no sewers or septic systems.  It also works great for construction sites and parties.

Outhouses are commonly seen in public places such as parks and beaches since outhouses are easier to maintain and cheaper to set up than an actual bathroom.  Outhouses also eliminate the need for people to enter your home or building to use the bathroom.  For example, if you home is being remodeled, you probably do not want the workers coming in and out of your home all day.  While an outhouse may be somewhat expensive to purchase, most people choose to rent one for a short period of time.

Outhouse by andyarthur, on Flickr
Outhouse” (CC BY 2.0) by  andyarthur

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