How Much Does Beryllium Cost?

Beryllium is a metallic chemical element that is grouped with the alkaline earth elements, including magnesium, barium, radium, strontium and calcium. Like other elements within this group, Beryllium is a silvery-gray metal, and its oxides are alkaline. The element is capable of resisting corrosion rather well, and besides this, it has a rather high melting point. These characteristics make the element a popular inclusion in metal alloys.

Beryllium’s hexagonal crystalline structure makes it rather rigid, and the metallic element also possesses excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Beryllium has a number of uses, although care has to be taken when handling the element because it has been established as a carcinogen. The key markets of Beryllium include aerospace, ceramics, computers, telecommunications and automotive electronics, with its demand continuing to increase substantially over the years.

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