How Much Does Kool Aid Cost?

Kool Aid is a drink that is mixed with a combination of sweeteners, fruit flavoring, and water.  Kool Aid is loved by kids of all ages and is even still enjoyed by many adults.  Kool Aid is even considered to be the official soft drink in Nebraska.

Kool Aid is manufactured by Kraft Foods and has become a drink sensation over the years.  The invention of Kool Aid was actually the result of an experiment that did not go as planned.  A man named Edwin Perkins was experimenting with fruit snacks and decided to take out the liquid from the fruit snack so he could reduce the shipping costs.  When he did so, it was found that this juice, when mixed with water, formed an excellent drink.

pineapple kool aid by zombieite, on Flickr
pineapple kool aid” (CC BY 2.0) by  zombieite

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