How Much Does Sweet Corn Cost?

This particular type of corn has the name “sweet” in it due to its high sugar content.  This, of course, makes it sweet.

Sweet corn will be sweet to the taste and lighter in color than the typical yellow version seen in stores.  Sweet corn is typically harvested before it hardens to allow for maximum sweetness and taste.  It is then eaten as a vegetable and not a grain like field corn.  Most of the time when you purchase sweet corn, it will still be in its husks.  This makes it great for grilling since the whole thing can just be thrown on the grill with little preparation.  Otherwise, the husks can be removed and the sweet corn can be boiled in water until it is ready to eat.

Sweet corn by johndegree, on Flickr
Sweet corn” (CC BY 2.0) by  johndegree

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Sweet corn nutrients that can be beneficial to your health

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