How Much Does Lavender Oil Cost?

Lavender oil will be extracted from the lavender flower, primarily through steam distillation.  These flowers are fragrant in nature and have been used in potpourri and even perfumes for quite some time.

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Lavender essential oil uses/benefits

  1. Aching muscles:  Dropping a few drops in a bath, along with some Epsom salt can often soak away any tension you may be feeling.
  2. Acne:  Known to be one of the most valuable oils for your skin, lavender can inhibit the bacteria that’s responsible for causing the acne, helping rebalance the over-secretion of the sebum, the area bacteria loves to thrive.  It can also help reduce the scarring.  To use on acne, add a few drops to a facial cream and use it just like you would with a cleanser.
  3. Anti-bacterial:  The oil is known to be a powerful anti-bacterial herb, able to clean infected wounds and promotes faster healing.
  4. Bee stings:  A drop of oil on a bee sting can help reduce the swelling and the urge to itch.
  5. Cuts:  Lavender, for centuries, has been known to have wonderful anti-viral properties.  Apply lavender oil to help soothe the pain and to allow your cut to scar without the risk of an infection.
  6. Earaches:  Add two to three drops to a cup of warm water, allowing it to sit for up to two to three minutes.  Gently massage the drops around your ears and throat to relieve the pain.
  7. Eczema:  By adding this oil to a calamine lotion, it can often help with dry and itchy skin, comforting your child at the same time.
  8. Headaches:  Create a compress with icy cold water and apply a few drops along the compress so it’s completely covered.  Apply to your forehead and let it sit for a few minutes until the compress is no longer cold.
  9. Insomnia:  Some studies have shown that patients who have insomnia slept better when lavender oil was placed in a diffuser while sleeping or dropped on a pillow.
  10. Menstrual cramps:  Gently massage a few drops of this oil in your pelvic area, followed by a hot compress to relieve any tension in the area.
  11. Minor burns:  For minor burns, gently rub lavender oil on the affected area after allowing the burn to cool with colder water for a few minutes.
  12. Mosquitoes:  To prevent bites or mosquitoes in general, soak cotton balls with the oil and leave it near the outdoor area where you will be.
  13. Sinusitis:  To relieve nasal pressure, add two drops of the oil in a bowl of steaming water.  Inhale slowly and deeply with a towel over your head while your nose is near the bowl.
  14. Stress:  A spritzer of lavender mist is known to help treat stress when applied to the temples.

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