How Much Does Mohs Surgery Cost?

Mohs surgery, otherwise known as micrographic or chemosurgery surgery, is the most effective surgery in taking out basal cell carcinoma or any other type of skin cancer.  With Mohs surgery, layers of cancer-inflicted skin are taken out progressively.  It is then examined until the cancer-free tissue is left.  The goal of Mohs surgery is to make sure that all of the skin cancer tissue is removed without damaging the healthy tissue.  The success rate of Mohs surgery in most case studies is 97%.  While Mohs surgery is quite a bit more expensive than other types of cancer treatments, it is often chosen by doctors and patients because of its high success rate and low number of side effects.

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    I was involved in a few Mohs proedeurcs as a resident, back when we took our Hippocratic Oath from Hippocrates.In general they go very well. My colleague (above) is entirely correct in his explanation of how risks are discussed. Something else: Although extirpation of basal cell is the primary goal of Mohs, a good cosmetic result is very important. No surgeon wants their patient sporting the “Phantom of the Opera” look. If I prescribe you a drug and you end up in the ICU, at follow up we’ll discuss what a terrible drug that was for you and how I’ll never give it to you again. If you have a surgical complication that leads to a bad outcome, the blame is laid squarely at the surgeon’s feet.No one wants any part of that. No surgeon is going to schedule you for an elective procedure if they’re not confident they can put you in a better place than you are now.

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