How Much Does a Poison Dart Frog Cost?

Poison dart frogs, also known as poison arrow frogs, are vibrantly colored animals but are also deadly toxic.  A poison dart frog can be as small as an inch or up to two and a half inches, and there are over than a hundred species of poison dart frogs.  Each species of the poison dart frog can display a different color, including blue, yellow, red, orange, or green.  These bright colors help the frog ward off potential enemies in the wild and can also attract other frogs of its kind.  Although the skin of the poison dart frog is the most attractive part, it is also the most dangerous.  For example, the golden poison dart frog has enough venom to kill 10 grown men.

Strawberry poison-dart frog (Oophaga pum by Pasha Kirillov, on Flickr
Strawberry poison-dart frog (Oophaga pum” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  Pasha Kirillov

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