How Much Does a Sewing Machine Cost?

Sewing machines have been used by people throughout the years, and these machines allow people to show their creativity and inventiveness.  There are different types of sewing machines available that could accomplish different styles in clothing and decorations.  Sewing machines can be fully automatic and have the ability to perform multiple tasks depending on the need.  The price of a sewing machine depends on the type, brand of the sewing machine, features, conditions and where it’s purchased from.

New Sewing Machine 005 by roger_mommaerts, on Flickr
New Sewing Machine 005” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  roger_mommaerts

How much are typical sewing machine prices?

Price Range
Under 10
$50 to $400
10 to 18
$60 to $400
18 to 30
$75 to $400
30 to 50
$65 to $300
50 to 67
$100 to $300
Over 67
$130 to $400

NOTE:  Prices can greatly vary depending on the brand and the condition.  New prices are noted above.  If buying used, be sure to knock at least 30 percent off the price.

Price Range
What You Will Get
Less than $200~
Generally known as “disposable” machines. Hard to replace and are mainly known as unknown brands. You can primarily find these sewing machines at your local department stores.
$200 to $700
These tend to be the average machine. While they will get the job done, they aren’t ideal for those who do a lot of sewing. Mainly found at your higher-end department stores.
$700 to $1,500
Known as borderline premium, these machines are going to be engineered better and will last a lot longer than the categories mentioned above. With a lot more replacement parts floating on the Internet, it’s not hard to find the parts when you need them. Generally, these have to be found via online stores.
These machines can be found in professional tailor and seamstress shops. Tend to have a longer arm, designed for quilts and embroidery.

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know:

Top brands to consider:

How can I save money?


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