20Lighter Program Cost

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The 20Lighter Program, a doctor supervised weight loss program, was co-founded by Dr. Gerry Dembrowski and Dr. Jess Barnes, two medical professionals who applied years of holistic patient care, research experience and science to create the program.

Commonly heard on radio station commercials, such as 100.7, the company wants you to “begin the journey to reclaim your health.”

20Lighter Program Cost
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How much does the 20Lighter Program cost?

The cost of the 20Lighter Program, from what we researched online, would greatly depend on the type of program you signed up for as the company offered three primary options:  the “7 Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart program,” “20 Day Program,” and “40 Day Program,” all which have its own description and corresponding prices we get into later in this guide.

The 7 Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart program, for example, would cost $95 to join, while the 20 and 40 Day Program would include in-home video appointments with the staff, with the total costs of the 40-day program said to be in the $2,000 range, according to some of the reviews on Yelp.  While you cannot see the reviews talking about the prices on the active page, you will have to scroll near the bottom to expose more than 40 “not currently recommended” to see what people had paid.  One person, in particular, noted she spent $1,600, for example.

These prices are not confirmed, only sourced from third-party websites.  Since the company does offer a free consultation, this is a great way to learn about the program and see what the program can cost you.

The program offerings

7 Day Healthy Gut Jumpstart – a program designed to offer “actionable steps” to help start the process of building a healthier guilt.  With this program, which you can join online, patients will receive seven days of educational topics on ways to achieve a healthier gut, “must-have” information on supplements and exercise, tips for developing a personalized meal plan, gut healthy recipe book, online community access, and resources to help you learn, even after the program completes.

20 Day Program – the 20-day program, as the name implies, will last 20 days, followed by a two-week transition period back into your normal lifestyle.  The 20-day program, as per the official description, includes a free 60-minute in-home consultation via video, all needed materials to join (WiFi enable scale and program materials), daily check-ins with the medical staff using the web portal, a 20-day personalized meal plan, found journaling access online, a video conference 14-20 days after you start and a final conference in the last few days of the transition period.

40 Day Program – the 40-day program is a lot like the 20-day program in terms of inclusions, but the key differences here is that the transition period will last three weeks and two follow-up video conference sessions are included during the 40 days.

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