Advertiser Disclosure is an independent cost helping database designed to help consumers find out what unknown things cost in life.  Advertising, found throughout the website, helps support our website and create articles that are free for you to enjoy.

Some of the articles you read on our website may contain affiliate links that forward you to a company that pays us a referral fee if you were to sign up for the particular service or purchase a product; however, do keep in mind that we only list affiliate links that we feel are right for our visitors.  Since our intentions are to educate the consumer, not profit off them, we try to keep our advertising at a minimum.  We have relationships with Google Adsense, Commission Junction and Amazon.

As a promise to you, we will refrain from any annoying popup ads and/or ads that create intrusive sounds when you land on our website.  User experience is key here as we know how annoying some websites may be.  We will never place an advertisement or link we feel isn’t beneficial to our users  either.  If you ever find we are violating our disclosure, please interact with us and let us know.


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