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Founded in late 2010, HowMuchIsIt was designed to help you, the consumer, find out what the costs of things are in life.

When we built this website, we realized that yes, you can often find the answer elsewhere, aside from our website, but there really isn’t a place where people can share what they paid.

Often, the sources you find online are one-sided, with a few comments here and there, not really giving us a definite answer.

Plus, can you really trust if that retailer or website is offering a fair price?

This is where we come in.

We compile the facts, in an unbiased way, and link to sources we find credible and ethical.  Each guide is carefully reviewed and created by multiple members on our team.

From there, it’s up to you to help us and the world let us know what you paid, or in the case of researching, find out what you should pay.

With all of this information, we can then feel great that we are helping consumers around the globe pay a fair price because, as you know, it’s quite annoying when you pay much more than your neighbor.

While our prices won’t be 100% accurate, we are pretty dang close.

Our content is researched via multiple editors to ensure its accuracy, along with links to any source that we have used in the process.  We will never pull quotes out of thin air or mislead, and if you ever feel we are, message us and we will comb through the guide once again to ensure its accuracy.

To date, our content has been sourced by Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Bank of America and hundreds of reputable news sources.

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