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Founded in late 2010, HowMuchIsIt was designed to help the ordinary consumer find out what the costs of things are in life.  When we built this website, we realized that there wasn’t a go-to source when it came to knowing the costs of things.  While there are answers scattered across the Internet, we felt that it was necessary to add it all into one place that was accurate and straight to the point.  As of 2014, we’re proud to boast more than 4,000 cost helping guides that are unique, interesting and informative.

Our content is researched through multiple editors to ensure its accuracy, along with links to any source that we have used in the process.  To date, our content has been sourced by Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Cracked.com, Bank of America and hundreds of reputable news sources.

As we grow, we ultimately want to become the “Wikipedia” of cost helping guides.  As the largest collection of cost helping guides on the web, keep coming back to find the answers to any cost-related questions you may have.

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