ABS Module Replacement Cost

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The anti-lock braking (ABS) control module, a computer which consistently receives information from the wheel’s speed sensors, will use this data in order to prevent the vehicle from losing either its traction and/or stability.

ABS Module Replacement Cost
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The reported ABS control module replacement costs

The costs to repair your ABS control module will greatly depend on the vehicle you drive, the mechanic/dealer you take it to and the geographical location. Based on these factors, the costs, from what we researched, can greatly vary from as little as $325 to more than $950+. This would include both parts and professional labor.

Prices reported online
Chevrolet Silverado$550-$850
Dodge Caravan$450-$650
Ford F-150$250-$550
Ford Fusion$450-$650
GMC Envoy$550-$800
Honda Accord$650-$950
Honda Civic$525-$725
Honda CR-V$900-$1,300
Jeep Cherokee$600-$950
Nissan Maxima$850-$1,400
Nissan Ultima$650-$800
Toyota Camry$450-$1,100
Toyota Corolla$550-$850
Toyota Prius$850-$1,100

NOTE: All of these ranges were sourced from multiple mechanics and forum threads we found online in regards to that specific brand. Use these as an estimate as your results will vary depending on the professional you choose and your geographical location.

On this MetaFilter.com forum thread, for example, members talked about the costs of replacing an ABS control module. According to the responses, the costs would greatly vary depend on the vehicle model, with members reporting paying anywhere from $350 to $1,000+

Premium brands seem to be on the higher end, with BMW owners reporting a cost of about $1,000+ for the entire repair.

As for parts, the costs, again, will depend on the retailer you choose and the vehicle you drive. From what we researched, the average costs of the entire module can range from $250 to $650+. A rebuild, if you went this option, could be much less, often retailing for less than $250.

What is the ABS control module?

The anti-lock control module, according to RepairPal.com, is meant to prevent the brakes from bolting up while the wheels are in motion by releasing and engaging the brakes in a rapid sequence until the vehicle is able to regain its stability. Being the brain of the ABS, this module is connected to the brake lines, able to regulate the pressure which is applied when the operator releases the brakes.

Signs of a faulty ABS control module

In most cases, if this part were to fail, your car will still continue to run, however, if you were in a situation where the ABS brakes would need to be activated, then, it would not work, leading to unnecessary skidding or improper braking. Most of the time, if your control module failed, the ABS, TCS and/or stability warning lights will brighten your vehicle’s dashboard. Also, trouble codes, when read by a scanner, will relate to the ABS control module.

Another telltale sign is a humming sound, often heard while the car is turned off due to the burnt out coils within the module.

As safety is a high concern, it is highly recommended you get the part fixed as soon as possible to avoid a possible collision which may have been avoided if the control module worked the first place. Again, while the car will not be disabled, it will affect your braking when excessive pressure is applied.

How is the problem diagnosed

In most cases, the module will be diagnosed using either specific manufacturer software and/or a computer scanning device. To confirm the problem, the mechanic will connect the scanner to the ABS control module via the scanner/computer to view the data in real-time. With this information, he or she will be able to determine the exact problem and/or how the system is working in general. If the mechanic suspects the entire module is faulty, then he or she will test the input and output to see how the module reacts.

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