How Much Does the acac Membership Cost?

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Today, more than 65,000 members are part of an acac club.

Dedicated to providing a great fitness experience for members, the club currently offers locations in Charlottesville, Short Pump, Midlothian, West Chester, Eagleview, Timonium, Germantown and Hunt Valley in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

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How much does an acac membership cost?

The rates, as according to the official website, are as follows:  $55 per month for an individual, $85 per month for couples and $99 per month for a family, but these prices could increase if you were to add add-ons such as the waterpark and/or golf course, for example.  This won’t include the enrollment fee, which is usually around $49, but it can be lower if a promotion is currently being held.

On this Yelp thread, we had found one member was paying $74 a month for her individual membership, while another member on this same thread had paid $113 for a couples membership.

The types of memberships

The gym offers the following types of memberships:  fitness, fitness + waterpark, full facility, independence golf or a p.r.e.p. membership.

The fitness membership offers access to all equipment, unlimited classes, the indoor pools and amenities at acac Midlothian and acac Short Pump.

The fitness + waterpark membership offers access to everything in the fitness membership, plus access to the WaterPark at the acac Midlothian location.

The full facility offers access to everything prior, plus tennis at the Midlothian location.

The independence golf + partnership adds golf onto the membership, where members can play at the Independence Golf Course.

Lastly, the p.r.e.p. membership is a physician referred exercise program that includes training sessions in smaller groups, club access, and nutritional education.

Members get access to the following areas, according to the official website:

A padded indoor track.

Treadmills with individual TV screens and speakers.

Hundreds of cardio machines such as treadmills, rowers, stair climbers and elliptical machines.

Modern strength equipment for muscle building.

Spacious free weight area.

Stretching space and machines in preparation for a workout as well as recovery after a workout.

An outdoor waterpark.

Special children’s wing with entertainment and fitness-focused activities.

Trackside Café with healthy food choices.

Senior programs that are specialized for those who are 60 and over.

Pilates and yoga class for those who want a less intense workout.

Warm therapy pool for recovery and therapy for conditions such as arthritis.

Large indoor pool for swimming with family.

Dedicated lap pool for exercise.

Group exercising classes so that you have accountability and support.

Personal training to get a personalized routine and set individual goals based on your goals, body type, weight, and lifestyle.

Nutrition and weight loss service for those who are looking to lose weight before getting in shape.

Gymnasium, basketball court, and indoor and outdoor racquetball courts.

Day Spa that offers tanning, massage therapy, skin care, manicures, and pedicures.

Members can also get access to acacPhysicians Referred Exercise Program (PREP) programs, which consist of exercises that are literally prescribed by doctors to their patients. The PREP programs offered are the General Physician Referred Exercise Program and Diabetes Management program.

The PREP workout programs are developed with the guidance of doctors, registered nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors and other medical professionals.  This program consists of two training sessions a week as well as full access to the fitness center and all its amenities.  A nutritionist, an exercise physiologist, and a registered nurse are also on staff to assist members.

The facility also offers classes in cycling, yoga, aquatics, Zumba and Les Mills.

Locker rooms and family changing rooms are provided.  The locker rooms are highly customized to provide for different member needs and preferences.  There are separate lockers for children, men, and women and each has a dry sauna.

The centers also provide casual daycare for kids ages eight weeks to 12 years old.

What are the extra costs?

Enrollment fees, as mentioned prior, can range from $0 to $150+, depending on the current promotion.

Private swim lessons or sessions with a personal trainer will be considered an additional cost.

The p.r.e.p. membership, as mentioned in the membership types, can cost $60 for 60 days.

How can I save money?

Special rates are available for current students and adults older than 65 years old.

As with any gym, the acac offers promotions from time to time.  When researching, we did find out they offered a $50 for four-week promotion for access to all amenities during the New Year.

Check out daily deal websites, such as Groupon, as the gym has offered special deals in the past.

The club, at the time of this writing, does offer a 30-day, no commitment trial membership.  This is a great way to see if the gym is worth the investment.

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