How Much Does an ACLS Certification Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

The ACLS certification course is a fully accredited course designed for professionals such as EMTs, nurses and physicians.  Upon completion of this certification, a card will be mailed to you that will be valid for two years.  This will be accredited by the American Heart Association(R).

How much does an ACLS certification cost?

To receive your ACLS certification, you can do it via two ways:  either in person or online.  On average, most educational classes online will charge anywhere from $150 to $250 for the certification course.  For those who take it at a local community college or in a classroom setting, the cost will be anywhere from $150 to $400.  The initial course can cost $150 to $300, while the second part, known as the skills test/verification, can cost another $75 to $175.

The AHA, for example, offers an online course or a self-learning CD called “HeartCode ACLS Part 1.”  If you were to go this route, the first part will cost $120 for the CME/CE credits, and the second part, which is the hands-on evaluation session, will cost $50.

The Medical College of Wisconsin, for example, charges around $175 for an online course as per its official website.

ACLS certification overview

To complete your ACLS certification, there will be two parts to the program.  The first part will be the learning portion and can be done either online or in person.  The second part is a hands-on skills evaluation session.  You must pass both sessions in order to get your card.  The course shouldn’t take more than two days to complete.

During the final test, you will be expected to recognize and understand basic cardiac rhythms and pharmacology.  You will also have to understand the sequences for each cardiac emergency.

As long as all the criteria is met and you meet the minimum qualifications, a card will be mailed to your home within two to three weeks.

What are the extra costs?

Some certifications won’t include the hands-on practical component part.  On top of it, this will cost an additional $50 to $150 to complete, depending on the instructor performing the job.

For the optional training CD, books or even a skills test, this can be an additional $20 to $50.  Some books may be required by the class, and these costs can be anywhere from $30 to $80.

Some courses will expedite the card delivery for an additional fee.

You will have to renew every two years, and the costs will depend on the course you choose.  This will often be around $100 to $175.

Tips to know:

The ACLS is a certification required by health care providers that specialize in emergency services.  This certification must be accredited by the American Heart Association in order for it to be accepted by a hospital.

Before signing up for a class, always be sure that it’s accredited.  Without this accreditation, the certification can be deemed worthless.

There are many online services that “claim” to help with the certification.  If you decide to choose this setup, you’re going to want to make sure that they are AHA approved.  Without this accreditation, you could find yourself falling into a scam.  Most of the time, these schools will have it plastered right up front.  Don’t fall for wording such as “AHA physicians recommend this course.”

Consider purchasing a CD titled “HeartCode ACLS Anywhere.”  This CD has two parts to the program and allows the student to take the self-directed program to help better understand the material.

How can I save money?

Compare educational institutions online, and always make sure your overall course is accredited by the American Heart Association.    Accredited courses won’t give you the proper credentials.

If you work with a hospital, check with them to see if they offer any courses.  Many employees may be able to take classes for free or a discounted rate.

If you need your BLS and first aid training, consider finding a course that offers all three at once.

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