How Much Does the Acorn Stair Lift Cost?

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The Acorn stair lift is renowned for its ease of use, clear control panel, and safety features; it’s known to be the Cadillac of stair lifts.   It’s also packed with useful features such as a rack and pinion that presents a comfortable ride and locking swivel seats with shortstop features.

How much does the Acorn stair lift cost?

The Acorn stair lift has a few models, including the Acorn 130, Acorn 180 and Acorn 130 Outdoor.  The 130 is designed for straight staircases, while the 180 is designed for curved stairs.  The 130 Outdoor is designed for an outdoor patio with stairs or steps.

This stair lift, on average can cost $2,500 to $4,000 with installation, and it will depend on the dealer you work with and the model you purchase.  However, keep in mind that some complex installations can increase the price and each stair lift will be built to meet your individual needs.    The 130 standard unit, for example, can cost about $2,800 with installation, while the heavy-duty 130 can retail for $3,900.

Northcoast Mobility, a stairlift dealer located in Elyria, Ohio, lists its prices on their official website.  The heavy-duty Acorn Superglide 130, for example, retails for about $3,900, while the Acorn Superglide 130 with the hinged rail option retails for $4,000.

Acorn stair lift overview

The stair lift comes with a free direct power (DC) supplied by rechargeable batteries, allowing it to work even when there are power interruptions.  The batteries are maintenance-free and charged by a safe 15 volt AC.  A fully charged battery can last up to 20 trips.

It includes a rack and pinion drive, providing a quiet and smooth ride.

Lockable swivel seats that don’t require you to twist when leaving the stairs.  The seat and footrest can fold up.

The diagnostic system allows you to periodically check the status of the stair lift.

The company backs its engine and gearbox with a lifetime warranty.  If any component were to fail within the first year, this will be replaced free of charge as well.

The standard editions can hold up to about 294 pounds, while heavy-duty model can hold up to 350 pounds.

Safety features include a choice of control, an electronic braking system, limit sensors, a swivel seat with locking latches and a pressure sensitive surface.

Straight stair lifts can take about an hour to install, while a complex curved stair lift could take longer, but it can often be done within the day.

What are the extra costs?

If the stair lift breaks down in the future and the warranty no longer covers it, you may incur additional expenses for repair.

Depending on the dealer, the installation may or may not be included.  If not, it will be an extra charge.  Most dealers can charge anywhere from $500 to as much as $2,000 per installation.  It will greatly depend upon the complexity of the job and number of staircases.

Over time, the batteries are known to go bad, just like any other electronic device, and these batteries can commonly be purchased over the counter and will cost about $35 each.

An Acorn stairlift repair may be needed as well.  This could include a new seat or circuit board.

Tips to know

The stair lift will be fitted to the staircase itself, not the walls and very little disruption will be done to your home.

Medicare won’t cover these products.

Common acorn stairlift complaints include numerous faulty circuit boards, hinge problems and slow part delivery from the company.

How can I save money?

Buying a pre-owned stair lift can save you as much as 50-60%.

Remember, Acorn is a brand.  Be sure to check out other stair lift brands out there.  Every brand will have its own features and pricing.  Other brands include Savaria, Bruno, Harmar, Stannah and Sterling.

Some companies will send a surveyor to your home for a free consultation and measure.  This is a great way to get an exact cost your situation.  During this visit, they will be able to measure the stairs and offer their advice in terms of which accessories you need.

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