How Much Does Acoustifence Cost?

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The Acoustiblok corporation originally developed Acoustifence for offshore oil-rig noise isolation, and since then, it has had guaranteed success in multiple demanding applications.

Acoustifence is an affordable option and easier to install compared to sound panels or concrete walls.

Commonly utilized in industrial applications, construction sites, mass-transit rail lines, highways and even dog kennels, Acoustifence is currently available for residential and commercial use.

How much does Acoustifence cost?

On average, the pricing runs about $750 per 30-foot roll.  Ultimately, the costs will depend on the size, density and where you purchase it from. noted its pricing online, saying a 30 foot by six-foot-high roll would cost $805 per roll, whereas a 30 foot long by three-foot-high roll would cost $591 per roll.  If you were to need a customized length, then the costs would be $37.50 per linear foot.

We were able to find one seller on selling for $4.5 to $5.5 per square foot.

Acoustifence overview

Acoustiblok, Inc is a world leader in noise reduction for both indoor and outdoor installations. It released AcoustiFence, a revolutionary new defense against noise pollution outdoors. This product is an economical way to abate noise or meet noise legislation by making use of revolutionary sound deadening materials. In essence, it transforms low-frequency sound waves into a mechanical movement as well as internal friction energy. Besides, the Acoustifence becomes an absorbent material at such frequencies with test results revealing a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) as high as 0.78 (with 1.00 being the maximum).

A simple, economical noise abatement solution for residential and industrial usage, Acoustifence is a distinctive 1/8-inch thick mineral-filled, barium-free viscoelastic acoustical material measuring 6 feet by 30 feet long featuring black anodized brass grommets/eyelets along the top and bottom edge. This allows for easy attachment to any chain link fence or any other framework with the 70, 125 pound, heavy-duty nylon ties included with every roll.

What are the extra costs?

Black anodized brass eyelets will be required every six inches on the top edge with some on the bottom edge.  This setup allows easy attaching or hanging the Acoustifence fence to just about anything. The heavy-duty nylon wire ties are typically supplied with the Acoustifence fence; however, stainless wire ties come at an additional cost.

You may also opt to hire a professional to install Acoustifence at an agreed fee.  To get a quote for your particular job, consider getting multiple quotes from

For an additional hourly fee, their engineering department can produce a sound prediction map of your locality to better assess the acoustical reduction outcome.

Tips to know:

Acoustifence can be attached to a privacy fence to dampen road noise, put onto a cinderblock wall or attached to stud walls to reduce noise in sensitive areas.

The new Acoustifence is really strong and has been engineered to withstand outdoor construction sites, offshore oil rigs and highway environments. Full exposure to grease, oil, mold, dirt or being driven over isn’t an issue for the Acoustifence.

Acoustifence is easy to set up or remove.  It is also UV tolerant, paintable, impermeable to water, made from more than 90% organic or recycled material, totally non-mould (rated 10 from 10) and 100% recyclable. It’s clear, that as a barrier, this product not only reduces sound but in lower frequencies, it acts as an acoustically absorbent material that is not reflecting back those short frequencies as other barriers would do (sheet-lead work in the same way).

Multi-level construction projects could easily overlap a number of Acoustifence materials attached to the fence scaffolding to accomplish several floors of vertical height acoustical blockage.

The staggered wood shadowbox privacy fences (that certainly offer no sound privacy) are able to incorporate Acoustifence easily without altering the visual appearance. The Acoustifence material is simply hung by means of grommets. This material can be installed or removed in less than one hour.

Unlike landscaping or wood fences (which do quite little to block sound), this material performs well in blocking sound and also produces less reflective sound, unlike solid walls. This unique characteristic sets Acoustifence far apart from any other sound barrier when dealing with low frequencies, such as air conditioners, heat pumps and railroad/truck road noise.

How can I save money?

Talk with a handful of retailers to see who can offer you the best price.

According to the official company, the fence is very easy to install as it can be secured to any fence with the mounting grommets it comes supplied with.

Large quantity rates may apply with some retailers.

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