How Much Do Acrylic Sheets Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

Acrylic sheets can be used for a variety of projects such as display cases, picture frames, aquariums, roofs, glazing windows, scrapbook material and with home improvement projects.

The versatility of this material makes it more preferable than glass, and its attributes include chemical resistance and flexibility, making it ideal to protect something from being damaged by high winds.   The material is also lightweight and safe to use.

How much do acrylic sheets cost?

The price of acrylic sheets will depend on the brand, the size, and thickness.  Customized sizes can have higher prices, too.  On average, the price of extruded acrylic sheets with a .06” to .22” thickness can cost anywhere from $4 to $9 per square foot.   Clear cast acrylic sheets with the thickness of .30” to four inches can cost $30 to $150 per square foot.  Colored acrylics with a thickness of .025” to five inches can cost anywhere between $6 to $50 per square foot.  Refer to our table below for common customized thicknesses, along with the price per square foot.

Pre-cut or pre-sized acrylic sheets are also available and sold per sheet. For instance, a 48-by-90-inch clear acrylic sheet will cost $50 to $100.

Acrylic sheets for scrapbooking purposes are sold per set, usually 10 to 15 sheets, and can cost $10 to $30.

Acrylic plastic sheets can cost anywhere from $15 to as much as $150.  Again, it will all depend on the size of the sheet.

Clear sheets are going to cost anywhere from $5 to $75.  For example, a sheet that measures 12×12 can retail for $5 to $15.

Glass sheets can cost anywhere from $10 to $175.  A smaller sheet that measures 12-by-12-inches can be as little as $5, while a sheet that measures 18-by-24-inches can cost upwards of $115.

TypeThicknessPrice Range (per square foot if cut to size)
Clear Acrylic Sheet.125$5
Clear Acrylic Sheet.250$8
Clear Acrylic Sheet.500$18
Clear Acrylic Sheet1.00$40
Clear Acrylic Sheet1.500$100
Clear Acrylic Sheet2.000$125
Colored Acrylic Sheets.125$5
Colored Acrylic Sheets.250$11
Colored Acrylic Sheets.375$23
Colored Acrylic Sheets.500$30
Frosted Acrylic Sheet.125$5 (12"x12")
$9 (12"x24")
$17 (24"x24")
Frosted Acrylic Sheet.25$8 (12"x12")
$17 (12"x24")
$35 (24"x24")

The types of acrylic sheets

Acrylic sheets overview

Acrylic sheets can be clear, colored, frosted, mirrored or textured.

Common acrylic sheet sizes include 0.125″ X 48″ X 120″, 0.250″ X 72″ X 120″, 0.375″ X 48″ X 120″, 0.375″ X 72″ X 96″, 0.500″ X 72″ X 120″, 3/4″x 72″x 96″ and 0.750″ X 48″ X 120″.

It will be manufactured in two ways:  either extruded or via cell cast.

You can buy these sheets at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, or via online plastic companies such as ePlastics.

Common brands found at home improvement retailers may include Polycast, Lucite and Plexiglass.

With proper maintenance and a UV coating, these sheets can last up to 10 years before it starts to yellow.

What are the extra costs?

Due to its size, some larger pieces may incur additional shipping charges if purchased online.

Customized cuts will cost more than a standard size.  However, if you were to purchase from Lowe’s or Home Depot, they will cut these sheets down to size if you purchase the product there.

Tips to know

Is acrylic plastic?  Yes, it’s a clear plastic that resembles glass, but it will have properties which are superior to glass.  Another question we often hear is:  “is plexiglass acrylic?”  The simple answer is yes.  Plexiglass is a brand of acrylic.

How strong is acrylic?  Typically, a 12.5mm panel can handle up to three times the impact of a double thickness window.

Compared to other plastics, polycarbonate and PET are the strongest; however, acrylic comes in a close third.  It’s known to be impact resistant, stronger, is easily formed and it won’t shatter.

Don’t use a glass cleaning spray when cleaning these sheets since this cleaner often has ammonia, a chemical that can scratch or haze the surface.  Look for special cleaner products designed for this kind of sheet.

Deep scratches can be removed from the sheet by using sandpaper and a super duty rubbing compound.

These sheets will ignite and burn if near an open flame.

If you using film, papermask, 2mil film and 3mil laser films are preferred.

How to cut acrylic sheets

How can I save money?

If you’re buying precut sheets, compare at least two to three major retailers and don’t forget about the smaller plastic companies.  These companies can be found by simply performing a search such as “buy acrylic sheets online.”

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