How Much Do Acting Classes Cost?

For those who wish to begin a career in acting, classes may be necessary.  These classes will help you learn the ways of the industry, the different techniques of acting and other skills to help you succeed in your acting career.

How much is it?

SchoolAnnual Tuition
Boston University School of Theatre$53,000
California Institute of the Arts$48,000
Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama$54,000
New York University, Tisch School of the Arts$59,000
SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Theatre Arts$5,000 (in state residents)
Syracuse University School of Drama$50,000
The Juilliard School, Drama Division$46,000
University of Minnesota, Department of Theatre Arts & Dance$21,000 (in state)
University of North Carolina School of the Arts$16,000 (in state)

What is going to be included?

Types of acting classes

  1. Auditioning – This is often a private class where you will be prepped for an upcoming audition.  Since each audition can be unique, this may not work in a group setting.
  2. Body/Movement – Moving is a large part of acting, and this can teach you movements actors may need to learn.
  3. Cold Reading – During this class, students will be handed a piece of paper and as a group, you will read it together.  This will help for those who plan on auditioning in the future since most auditions don’t offer a script ahead of time.
  4. Commercial – Designed for those who want to play the part in a commercial since it will often be different than a television or movie role.  Students will interact with fake products and practice selling.
  5. Improv – A scene will be set and the actors must play the part, similar to the television show, Whose line is it anyway?
  6. On-Camera – These classes will allow you to act out a scene and an acting teacher will offer feedback.
  7. Scene Study – During this class, you may view an acting scene or witness one live.  You will learn certain techniques being used and will also be asked to analyze it.
  8. Vocal – A class designed for those who want to work on Broadway.  This class can help with your vocals and/or breathing strategies.
  9. Voice Over – Voice overs can occur in commercials, animated movies or other projects needing a “voice over.”  These classes can help work with your voice and how it can be portrayed.

What are the extra costs?

How can I save money?

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