How Much Does an Addison Park Wedding Cost?

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The Addison Park is a venue located in Aberdeen, New Jersey that offers indoor and outdoor locations for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Built in 2005, the property has undergone a complete renovation and is now a banquet hall that serves parties for up to 800 people and also accepts bridal showers and engagement parties.

How much does an Addison Park wedding cost?

On average, the cost of catering at The Addison Park, according to those who were married here, can be $165 to $250 per person on a weekend during the peak times.  The cost will greatly depend on the time of year, the day of the week and which menu you use.

Former brides who were married here on this forum thread claimed that they paid anywhere from $165 to as much as $220 per person.

On this forum thread, a bride attended a bridal show and she was quoted $230 to $250 per person without alcohol on a Saturday night.

Addison Park wedding overview

Catering is offered in-house, but outside vendors are welcome as well.  Typical catering packages will include a cocktail hour, premium open bar, salad, pasta, soup, choice of entrees, a wedding cake, and coffee.

With a capacity of 65 to 800, the venue offers 3 event spaces/rooms as well as an indoor space and an uncovered outdoor space.  Audio/visual and production services are also included.

What are the extra costs?

The estimates don’t include the tax, service charge or liability insurance.

Adding premiums to the menu, such as a seafood bar or the veneniesse hour, for example, can be an additional cost to consider.

Adding alcohol to the package can increase the costs as well.

Tips to know:

In-house catering for weddings is provided by the renowned Campitiello family, who has been serving the Staten Island for over 20 years at The Excelsior Grand catering hall.

The official Addison Park’s website provides a list of preferred vendors for invitations, floral arrangement, event design, photographers, cinematographers, and music.  Although these might not be the cheapest you can find, it is definitely an advantage to use vendors who have worked at The Addison Park before.  For example, photographers already know the lighting in each area and at each time of day.  The videographers already know the best place to set up for sound and visual quality.  Florists already know what will best accent the room in which your reception will take place.  These are just a few examples of why choosing the suggested vendors is a good idea.

Onsite parking is offered at the venue as well as Valet Parking services.

For certain nights throughout the year, a minimum headcount will be required.

According to some brides who did receive quotes, the venue may host two weddings at a time.

How can I save money?

Consider having your wedding held off-season to take advantage of lower or discounted rates.  Also, choose a weekday where there is less competition so you can negotiate prices and options more effectively.  This can be said with any wedding venue.  Be sure to talk with your coordinator to see if they can work with your budget.

Ask about a daytime reception.  Serving lunch or brunch is often less expensive than dinner.  Additionally, eliminating a choice of entrée can save on the bill as well.

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