How Much Does Adobe Acrobat Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

Adobe Acrobat is a software application that allows you to manipulate PDF files and share them with others. It is a user-friendly application that comes with Adobe Acrobat Reader and can be purchased in professional or full versions.  Most individuals and businesses will often upgrade to a premium version when they want to fill out the forms and covert their PDFs.

How much does Adobe Acrobat cost?

Adobe offers two ways to purchase the software:  either via monthly subscription or by purchasing the stand-alone software versions.  Most businesses today, however, will choose the monthly option.

For the monthly versions, you can either pay $24.99 per month for the Pro DC version or $22.99 per month for the Standard DC version.  However, if you purchase it annually, the prices will drop to $14.99 and $12.99 per month respectively.

Adobe Acrobat X Pro can retail for about $400 and won’t have recurring fees.  However, keep in mind this software may not be able to work with today’s technology.

Acrobat XI Pro, an older version, can be found for about $90 to $120.

Acrobat X Standard, another older version, can retail for about $185 and won’t have recurring fees.

Adobe Acrobat overview

Both the Pro and Standard DC versions will offer the following features:  able to turn scanned documents into PDFs; can export PDFs into Office files and/or images; can fill in and sign forms on a mobile device; and the ability to send and track documents online.  The Pro version will also include the ability to edit from your iPad, and it will meet ISO and accessibility standards.  Essentially, this software allows you to interact, create, edit, sign, collect and access PDFs.

If purchasing a monthly subscription, you will be able to use it on two computers.  You will need to create an Adobe account in order to access your software.

Tips to know

If you bypass the monthly option and outright purchase the software, you won’t be able to upgrade to a newer version in the future.  While it may not sound like a problem today, Adobe is known to not upgrade older versions, leaving it useless.  Monthly subscriptions, on the other hand, will assure you your software will always be up to date and will always work with your day-to-day work.

How can I save money?

Teachers and students are offered discounts when buying Adobe Acrobat Professional, provided they meet the eligibility criteria; however, a student or teacher is entitled to one product only.

Adobe Acrobat isn’t the only option on the market.   PC World lists five alternatives that are cheaper and can offer similar features.  These packages include PDFescape, CutePDF Professional 3.7, PDF-Xchange Editor 3.0, Qoppa PDF Studio 8 Pro and Nitro Pro 9.

The Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free.  This will be required to read the PDF files, and this software can be downloaded on all operating systems, including iPhone and Android.

By prepaying up front for the year, you can save at least $10 per month.

Acrobat XI is often bundled with new software., for example, says XI Standard can be purchased for $50 if you purchase a new Optiplex desktop computer.

Most businesses will be just fine with the standard versions.  However, just to make sure you don’t need the professional versions, you should use this comparison tool to be certain.

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