How Much Does an Adult Walker Cost?

When it comes to the world of walkers, there are a variety of choices you can choose from.

Whether you want something simple to roll through the hallway or a specialty walker that can hold all of your belongings, the costs can greatly vary from one type to the next.

Rollator vs/ Velo. by nggalai, on Flickr
Rollator vs/ Velo.” (CC BY 2.0) by  nggalai

 How much does a walker cost?

Heavy DutySometimes referred to as a bariatric rolling waker, these walkers are built around strength, with either no wheels or as many as four. These walkers, unlike other types, can accommodate up to 500 pounds.$55 to $185
Knee WalkerAs the name implies, a knee walker is a three or four wheel walking aid that's considered to be a unique alternative to that of a walker. A knee walker allows you to prop your knee while allowing your other leg to propel you along. These walkers are designed for those who can't put weight on a leg and/or knee$75 to $200
RollingReferred to as a rollator or wheeled walker, a rolling walker will be compromised of a frame and three or four larger wheels. Generally, these types are heavier than a standard walker.$55 to $175
Standard (basic)Rather than using wheels, a standard walker reduces friction and makes moving much easier while providing support and stability. This type of walker is designed for those who have trouble with a wheeled version and is considered to be the most popular.$35 to $85
Two-in-one Walker-WheelchairA walker and wheelchair built in one, this combination allows you to flip the backrest in order to turn it into a wheelchair. This option is often a great alternative for those who can walk short distances.$150 to $250

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