How Much Does an AFC Fitness Membership Cost?

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The AFC Fitness Clubs are said to offer the most comprehensive health opportunities in the Philadelphia area.

To date, AFC Fitness is located in Bala Cynwyd, Northeast Philadelphia, Jenkintown and Feasterville.

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How much does an AFC Fitness membership cost?

The AFC Fitness membership cost varies from one location to another, but based on most information online, be prepared to spend anywhere from $35 to $80 per month, along with a $0 to $200 initiation fee.  These fees will all depend on the type of membership you sign up for and the current promotion being held.

According to one member on this Yelp review for the Bala Cynwyd, Pennslyvania, location, she paid $60 per month, while another said she was able to pay $22 a month after her employer discount.

AFC Fitness overview

The membership fee will include access to state-of-the-art equipment, full weight circuits, free weight rooms, aerobic studios, a spinning room, Olympic size pool, and the cardio areas.

Group fitness classes are available to members, including aerobics, spinning, aquatic fitness, cross training, fusion, mind-body-spirit, senior fitness and rehabilitation.  Over 100 classes are available, according to the gym.

Amenities at all locations include a leisure pool, full-sized locker rooms, a sauna room, full-time physical therapy staff, stair climbers, a spinning room and more.

Secure free childcare is available while you are working out.

Most of the time, depending on the current promotion, many new members receive a complimentary nutrition analysis and two complimentary personal training sessions.

What are the extra costs?

Private lessons, such as swimming and personal training, can be an additional charge.  For example, a single half-hour swimming lesson can cost $25 for a member.

There are personal trainers on site that can help you create a workout that can either help you build muscle or lose fat, whichever you are trying to accomplish.  One session with a personal trainer may be included when you sign up if there are any special promotions going on, but you will have to pay for each subsequent session.  From members, fitness trainers charge about $99 an hour.

A cancellation fee may apply if you cancel earlier than the contract you signed.  Most state, however, that you can cancel after 60 days.

Members note a $25 yearly maintenance fee may apply.

Some of the AFC locations have a service that they call Aquahab, which offers rehabilitation in the pool.  If available, this option is available for an additional fee.

All classes won’t be included.  Some members say you have to pay $3 to reserve a bike in the spin class.

Tips to know

AFC offers a free trial for 30 days as one of its special offers.  Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy all the amenities at the AFC Fitness Club and see if it suits your lifestyle.

How can I save money?

Take advantage of special offers like 30-day free trial or promotions during the year.  If you don’t see anything online, talk with a membership representative to see if any offers are currently available.  As the time of this writing, for example, the gym was offering 50 percent off enrollment if you sign up with a family member or friend.

Discounts are available for students.

The gym does advertise on Groupon occasionally.  Before signing up, see if you can take advantage of any deals on this website.

Check with your employer as some do offer discounts.

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