How Much Does an Air Conditioning Coil Replacement Cost?

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An air conditioner coil is a very important part of your air conditioner as it’s responsible for connecting with the outside condensing unit via a copper lineset and will complete the cooling circuit of the refrigerant in your system as it’s being circulated by the compressor.

Over time, these coils may be damaged due to some factors such as a refrigerant leak, dirt buildup, corrosion, and/or normal wear and tear.  Whatever the cause, a damaged coil will either make your air conditioner work harder or it may not work at all.

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How much does an air conditioning coil replacement cost?

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know:

How can I save money?

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Average Reported Cost: $1162.5

100 %
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Less Expensive $1 $1.5K $3K $5K $6.5K More Expensive $8k

How much did you spend?

Was it worth it?  

  1. Rick (Fort Worth,  Texas) paid $825 and said:

    The coil was less than 4 years. Coil and labor were covered under manufacturer’s warranty. However, HVAC contractor charged the following charges:
    $150.00 to dispose of the contaminated coil
    $250.00 to recover and dispose of old Freon (stated that since it was exposed to air, could not be recycled)
    $175.00 to install a condensate pan float switch now required by law but was not required 4 years ago.
    $250.00 to recharge the system with R410A. ($25/lb x 10 lbs).

    Do these charges sound reasonable?

    Was it worth it? Yes

  2. Jim (Tucson,  Arizona) paid $1500 and said:


    Was it worth it? Yes

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