How Much Does the Almaden Golf Country Club Cost?

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The Almaden Golf Country Club, located in San Jose, California, was founded in June of 1969, where it started as a clubhouse and later became a golf course, also known as the Del Webb’s country club.  It was later sold and became the Almaden Country Club as it’s known today.

How much does the Almaden Golf Country Club cost?

The costs of joining the Almaden Golf Country Club, as with any country club, will depend on the type of membership you sign up for.  Seeing the club has a few options, we broke down the costs we found online in our table below:

Membership ClassInitiation FeeMonthly Dues
Proprietarystarts at $22,000$575~
Swim and Racquet$2,000$450~

NOTE:  These are estimates we found online and cannot be considered accurate.  For more information on exact pricing, we highly recommend contacting the club for accurate membership fees.

The membership options

Proprietary Membership: This membership type is open to all, including family members as well as their spouses and children. The benefits include golf, tennis, swimming, junior programs as well as the clubhouse.

Swim and Racquet Member: This membership is open to all, including family members.  Its benefits include junior programs, fitness programs, tennis practice, as well as usage of the clubhouse.  This membership includes limited golf privileges at family green fee rates.

Social Membership: This membership is open to all, including family members. Benefits include swimming, full use of the clubhouse, tennis practice and fitness programs.

Member Lease:  This option allows a prospective member to try the club for an entire year to see if the club is what they envisioned.

Almaden Golf Country Club overview

The club offers an 18-hole championship golf course, a natural turf driving range, 34,000 square foot clubhouse, fully stocked pro shop, locker rooms, a practice facility, dining options, tennis courts and a swimming pool.  To see the golf course in pictures, the official website does offer an interactive golf course flyover on its official website.

What are the extra costs?

The food and beverage minimums, although not confirmed, are said to be about $450 a quarter.

Tournaments held throughout the year can incur additional costs.

Private/group lessons, clinics, camps and leagues, all of which are offered, can be an additional fee to consider.  On the official website, private lessons range anywhere from $50 per half hour or $100 per hour.  Purchasing golf lessons in bulk, however, can lessen the costs.

As mentioned, green fees may apply for certain scenarios.

Social events, commonly held throughout the year, can be an additional fee to budget for as most of these events will have a fee to participate.

Tips to know:

Members, guests and their children must adhere to the dress code as no one will be admitted if the strict dress code isn’t followed.  More information on the dress code can be found on the official website.

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