How Much Does an Ansley Golf Club Membership Cost?

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Founded in 1912 by its founding father, Edwin P. Ansley, the Ansley Golf Club is a golf club that offers its members a rare opportunity of enjoying both the full-service Ansley’s Settindown golf course, the clubhouse in Roswell, Georgia, and the classic Ansley’s 9-hole golf course, which is located in the Ansley Park, Midtown Atlanta.

How much does an Ansley Golf Club membership cost?

The initiation fees, from what we researched from current and past members, can range anywhere from as little as $30,000 to more than $70,000, depending on the membership type.  As for the monthly dues, it averages about $250 to $500+ per month.  Keep in mind, however, that memberships are only available by Board invitation when sponsored by five members.

According to this forum thread on, one member said the Ansley Golf Club can cost about $35,000 to join, but this is the rate for those who are under 35 years old.

A member on this forum thread said you should be prepared to spend $50,000 to $60,000 in initiation fees.

Ansley Golf Club membership overview

Members enjoy a 43,000 square foot clubhouse offering both formal and casual dining,  meeting/banquet rooms, a nine-hole in-town golf course, a 13,000 square foot tennis and pool pavilion with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, eight lighted tennis courts, a fitness center and multiple social events.

What are the extra costs?

Private personal trainers, available at the fitness center, are available for an additional fee.

Social events, tournaments, and clinics are an additional cost to budget for.

Tips to know

The club abides by a strict dress code both on the golf course and in all other areas.

Since Ansley Golf Club is a private golf club, obtaining a membership to the club requires five sponsors before a potential member is approved as mentioned.  These nominations are reviewed by the Committee during a 60 day Club posting period and then forwarded to the Board of Directors monthly.

The nine-hole course has been ranked in the top five nationally by Sports Illustrated in national surveys.

The Settindown Creek course was named the third toughest course in the area by the USGA, as published in the Atlanta Business Chronicle on April 28, 2017.  The course has also been a host to the U.S. Open Sectional Qualifiers and Nike Tour Championship.

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