How Much Does Anthill Art Cost?

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Instead of wiping out ants with pesticides, an anonymous American artist is much more astute about it.

Anthill art fills ant colonies with molten aluminum, creating massive, intricate castings showing the architecture of the ants’ nests.

How much does anthill art cost?

On average, the cost of the art is going to greatly depend on the piece and the competition.  The average price can range anywhere from a few hundred to more than a few thousand.

At eBay, at the time of this publishing, we were able to find close to 50+ results ranging from $45 to more than $300+

A member on this forum thread stated that one auction was close to the $4,200 range.

Anthill art overview

During the process, they first melt aluminum and then the molten hot aluminum is poured down an anthill, filling the labyrinthine passageways and chambers. The artist then waits for the liquid to re-harden by cooling and solidifying, then extracts it and finally cleans the excess dirt. The result is a stunning piece of artwork that offers you a look at what the underground world of the ants looks like. The pesky ant hills are turned into elaborate, educational sculptures.

Anthill art sells cast aluminum sculptures of ant colonies which are made by pouring molten aluminum directly into an ant colony. They create metal sculptures which alternately resemble stalagmites, Christmas trees, and deformed antlers by pouring molten aluminum into active anthills. The revealing works of art are created by the pouring the molten liquid to fill the tunnels and chambers of the ant nests, wiping out all of the insects inside. Once the metal re-hardens, the sculpture is excavated and blasted using water to remove dirt and impurities. Before they are dug up, it’s brushed down and then mounted on a wooden base.

The final piece reveals the remarkable twists and turns which make up an ant colony. The Anthill Art sculptures expose the varying colony designs of various ant species, from the simple branching nest of carpenter ants to the complex colony of fire ants.

The sculptures are currently for sale on eBay or via the official website.

What are the extra costs?

You will need to also factor in the shipping and transportation cost of the art pieces if you were to purchase it online.

Tips to know

The owner of has defended the methodology stating that most of the colonies belong to the invasive species of ants, known as the fire ant/Solenopsis ant, that is already subject to eradication programs. They sell the finished art products on eBay to collectors, homeowners, and schools. There are casts of different types of ants that have been sold previously, all taking on peculiar shapes.

To see what some of the pieces look like, showcased six pieces they liked.

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