How Much Does an Arborvitae Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 14, 2018

An arborvitae looks similar to a pine tree and can come in several varieties. colors, and sizes.  These trees are evergreens from the cypress family.

Originally from Minnesota, the arborvitae is basically a small, upright tree with a stout, buttressed trunk.  It has a gray-colored bark that has a lot of shallow fissures when the tree gets older.

The arborvitae is commonly used in landscapes as a border plant.

Thuja occidentalis ’Hetz Midget’, 2016 by F. D. Richards, on Flickr
Thuja occidentalis ’Hetz Midget’, 2016” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  F. D. Richards

How much does an arborvitae cost?

The cost of an arborvitae depends on the size, height, age, where you purchase it and geographical location.   On average, the cost of a typical three to five-foot arborvitae can cost anywhere from $35 to as much as $55.  As with any tree or plant, the larger it gets, the more it is going to cost.

For instance, the cost of a 9 to 13 feet tall tree can range anywhere from $100 to $285, while a five foot tall, extra wide arborvitae could cost $45 to $60.

According to, a small to medium sized arborvitae costs around $59.

At Evergreen Nursery, an arborvitae can cost between $5.50 to $9 for plants smaller than 12 inches.

Lowe’s, inside its nursery, they offer a 5.5-gallon green giant arborvitae for about $50.

Amazon, at the time of this writing, has a seller selling 10 eight to 12-inch green giant arborvitaes for less than $30.

Arborvitae overview

This type of tree can grow as tall as 60 feet high and have a 20-foot spread.

The arborvitae is a fast-growing evergreen and tends to do well in well-drained areas with partial shade.  On average, it can grow up to three feet per year.

An arborvitae can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the American will be wider and cone-shaped, whereas a globe arborvitae will be more rounded and shaped like s shrub.

There are many types of arborvitae varieties that include the Eastern, Techny, American, Globe, Emerald Green, American, White, Korean, Oriental, Giant, Western and Green Giant.  Most of them tend to be within the prices ranges mentioned above.

What are the extra costs?

There may be extra charges for shipping or delivery if you were to buy online or locally.

Hiring a professional to plant the tree can be $35 to $50 per hour, depending on who you choose and the size of the tree.  However, the cost per tree can significantly go down if they were to plant more than one tree during a session.  If you were to need 10 planted at one time, this could be about $400 for just the planting.  To get a quote for planting, if you were to need a landscaper, we recommend  Here, you can describe your job and multiple contractors in your area will contact you with quotes.

During the winter seasons, it’s recommended you cover your trees with a mesh to prevent the snow from breaking the tree’s branches.  This is only necessary for those in climates with the possibility of a heavy duty snowfall.

Tips to know:

The arborvitae is a very self-reliant tree and does not require much maintenance.  Although it can survive a drought period, it will grow the best and the fastest with proper watering.  While it can be grown anywhere, it thrives the best in cooler climates with moist soil.

Some arborvitaes will need pruning every once in a while, but others will keep their shape even if left alone.

There are some diseases to which arborvitaes are susceptible.  This can include bagworms, which will leave sections of defoliation; spider mites, which turn the leaves gray or brown; aphids, which cause the leaves to turn to wilt and turn yellowish; and tip blight, which cause brown or tan twigs to emerge from the tree.

These trees are ideal for zones five to seven.

When planting, space at least six feet apart for optimal growth. If you were to plant them too close to one another, they may compete for the same minerals and nutrients within the soil.

How can I save money?

Try purchasing your trees during the off-season or even during the end of the season.  At this time, many nurseries significantly mark their tree prices down.

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