How Much Do Architectural Shingles Cost?

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Architectural shingles, also called composite or dimensional shingles, have a heavier base mat at the bottom and can have several layers, making it appear like a three-dimensional figure. This type of shingle was developed sometime in the 1970s, particularly for the high-end real estate clients.  It has a texture that looks similar to cedar shakes and is perfect for hiding imperfections in the roof or the structure of the building.

Shingle feeder by DolfinDans, on Flickr
Shingle feeder” (CC BY 2.0) by DolfinDans

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  1. billy (Edgewood,  Texas) paid $ and said:

    30 year “Architectural” or “High Definition” shingles are around $65.00 a square. Felt underlayment is a little less than $20.00 a roll, whether it’s the 15lb roll, that covers 400 sq. feet, or the 30lb felt that covers 200 sq. feet. Other things to consider are metal edging, valley flashing, roof vents. I pay about $65.00-$70.00 a square to have a square removed and disposed of, and replaced. This is a pretty good price, I live in NE Texas. So, not including any metal, I pay about $125.00-$130.00 for removal and replacement of each square, me furnishing shingles. My roofer disposes of the old shingles, leaves the job perfectly clean. Three-tab shingles are a bit cheaper, labor is the same. I use a very good crew of roofers, and use my local lumber yard for supplies. There are more expensive shingles, but, these are the most common and most used. brand is G.A.F. or Certainteed. Tamco Brand is a little higher, and I don’t think they are any better. As for “Warranty”….you might as well not even consider that. Nothing has ever happened that I can remember right now, that has justified claiming a warranty. They will just wear out, or get damaged by hail. This is the most common problem with shingles, the hail. At least around here, and most everywhere, I guess.

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