How Much Does an Arden Hills Membership Cost?

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Located in Sacramento, California, Arden Hills is known as a beautiful country club, minus the golf.

Open to all guests, the grounds offer a place to work out, receive spa treatments, enjoy a meal or even hold a wedding.

How much does an Arden Hills Country Club membership cost?

A monthly membership, if you were to pay your $1,000 initiation fee up front, would cost $280 per month for one adult or $310 per month if you paid your initiation fee over time at $30 per month.  Refer to our table to see what it may cost for a membership.  These fees are as of 2017:

Number of AdultsNumber of ChildrenInitiation FeeMonthly Dues When Paying Initiation Fee Up FrontMonthly Dues When NOT Paying Initiation Dues Up Front

Arden Hills Country Club membership overview

Arden Hills Resort offers an award-winning day spa, in-house salon, 50,000-square-foot fitness facility, swimming, tennis and an onsite private bed and breakfast.

There are wellness programs and social events held at the resort throughout the year.  Some of these events include a membership appreciation party, brunch with Santa, Easter brunch, Mother’s Day brunch and much more.

What are the extra costs?

An initiation fee of $1,000 must be paid either upfront or monthly for one member or $1,500 for two members.  Adding children can increase the initiation fee to $2,000.

Spa packages can range anywhere from $100 to $300.  Refer to the official spa menu for exact prices.

Salon costs are additional.

Tennis lessons, swimming lessons and/or private personal training sessions are additional costs to consider.  Tennis clinics and children camps are also available throughout the year.

The in-house restaurant Chavoor, the Bar and Snack Bar are additional costs to consider as well.

The average hotel room rate is $360 per night, according to

Tips to know:

For membership information, you can fill out the pre-membership information sheet that is available on the official website. You could also email the club to schedule a visit and tour the club.

How can I save money?

There are offers available for Arden Hills club members where they get to enjoy some of the facilities free of charge or at a reduced rate. For instance, in the past, the club offered a $25 discount for every additional swimmer within the family.

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