How Much Does the Argyle Country Club Cost?

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The Argyle Country Club, located in Silver Spring, Maryland, has been in existence since 1945.

According to the club, they are considered to be a friendly, comfortable haven where members may relax with family and friends in a setting of pure, tranquil beauty.

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Argyle Clubhouse” (CC BY 2.0) by RyanCrierie

How much does an Argyle Country Club membership cost?

On average, the costs to join the Argyle Country Club, as with most country clubs, will greatly depend on the type of membership you apply for, which we will explain the options noted below.  From our research, however, members pay about $2,500 in initiation fees and more than $5,000 a year in dues for a top-tiered membership, but use these as an estimate only as these fees can change.  Always refer to the official website for exact membership dues.

According to a forum thread on, some members chimed in and stated a junior membership, when you’re under 39 years old, can cost around $400 a month with no initiation dees, while a golf membership can cost 20 to 40 percent more than this.

The membership options

Full – Full membership members enjoy unlimited use of the tennis courts, pool and clubhouse. One adult member older than 18 years old may play golf during primetime hours and every member may play unlimited golf during non-prime time hours.

Intermediate – The Intermediate Membership is limited to people who are between 21 to 39 years old, and this membership option offers the same privileges as Full members.

Sports – A Sports Membership offers unlimited access to the clubhouse, pool and tennis courts. Members can use the golf course by paying 80% of the greens fees during non-primetime hours and a maximum of six rounds each calendar year during non-primetime hours. Swim and tennis members do not have golf privileges at the golf’s practice facilities, except when playing golf.

Clubhouse – A Clubhouse Membership offers full clubhouse privileges, and this membership class offers the use the pool and tennis court a maximum of six times each calendar year by paying appropriate fees. This membership class may also play golf a maximum of six rounds each calendar year during non-primetime hours by paying appropriate fees. Members on their own have an additional six rounds each year when accompanied by another country club member. Clubhouse members may not have privileges on the practice of golf facilities except when playing golf.

Non-resident – A Non-Resident membership is available to all members residing more than 100 miles from the club for at least a year. Aside from the annual fee, Non-Resident members pay 100% of greens fees and full guest fees for using the golf, swimming and tennis amenities. The use of the golf course by the member will be limited up to 12 rounds each year during a non-prime time and upon payment of appropriate fees.

Emeritus membership option is offered to any member with 25 years of continuous membership and reached the age of 75.  These members have the same privileges as they enjoyed before qualifying for Emeritus membership with payment of dues 50% below the prevailing rate. The number of Emeritus golf members is limited to 50, and the number of general Emeritus is up to 100 members.

Junior Golf – The Junior Golf Membership is limited to people under 17 years old, and these members must be sponsored by an Argyle member. Members may use the golf course after 2:00 p.m. on weekends and anytime during weekdays except for Wednesday before 4 p.m.

Weekday – Weekday Members have the same privileges as other Full Golf members with the exception that they may use the golf course and practice facilities only on weekdays except for holidays. A member may use the dining amenities, the swimming pool, and tennis courts seven days a week.

Temporary – Temporary members of other clubs may have privileges at Argyle while their respective club is undergoing renovations for a cost of $1,000 per year, which can be applied to a future initiation fee, plus monthly dues, with no minimum costs. Temporary members may enjoy all of the facilities of the club. Temporary Members’ accounts receivable must be on active status at their home club.

Corporate – A Corporate membership allows the corporation to choose up to four designees who may use the golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool and clubhouse as approved by the Board of Directors.  Corporate memberships may send their guests to play golf, although there may be some restrictions and club rules that may apply.

Argyle Country Club overview

The course offers world class golf, tennis courts, a swimming complex and dining options within the 25,000 square foot clubhouse.  Garylyn Loomis has a nice review filled with pictures.

The club seems to offer deals all of the time, so be sure to either talk with the official membership department or even search online.  We were able to find a half off initiation fee special on their official Facebook, for example.  Also, according to the official website, they also offer a “Member for a Day” option, which entitles you to tree the experience.

What are the extra costs?

A food and beverage minimum, as with most clubs, will apply.  Here, it’s said to be $250 a quarter.

Green fees will apply to members and guests who don’t have privileges.  Fees can range from $90 to $150.

Lockers, according to this official newsletter, can cost $10 a month.

Social events, commonly held throughout the year, can have a fee to join.

Tournaments, clubs, leagues, lessons, and clinics can all have additional costs to budget for.

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