How Much Does Asphalt Resurfacing Cost?

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Asphalt resurfacing is a process used to repair an asphalt driveway, street or parking lot, and like anything, asphalt has its flaws.

For example, asphalt surfaces can begin to crack over time, especially if the foundation wasn’t perfect, but thankfully, there are options when asphalt needs to be repaired.

For starters, you can choose to simply patch the areas that are in poor condition and fill the cracks that have appeared.  Another option is repairing the area, which would entail ripping out the old asphalt and reconstructing the foundation.  Asphalt resurfacing, however, is a simply a layer of asphalt, usually one to three inches thick, that is laid on top of the existing asphalt, creating a new appearance.

Asphalt road by matsuyuki, on Flickr
Asphalt road” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  matsuyuki

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