How Much Does Atlanta Hartfield-Jackson Airport Parking Cost?

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Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International Airport is the busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic, and there are several parking lots, ranging from long-term economical parking to hourly and daily options at the North and South terminals as well as Park-Ride and reserved lots.

The cost of airport parking usually depends on location and duration.

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How much does Atlanta airport parking cost?

At the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the parking rates at the domestic terminal vary according to the type of parking and duration.  For hourly (short-term) parking in close proximity, the rates are as follows:

Parking at the actual airport is not your only option.  There are many offsite parking lots that offer to keep your car for you while you are away.  For example, the rates for Atlanta airport parking at the near-airport parking company The Parking Spot is $12.95 per day for covered parking and $9.50 per day for open-air parking.

At Peachy Airport Parking Atlanta located in Sylvan Road, Atlanta, the rates are $9 for outdoor parking and $12 for climate-controlled indoor parking.  Peachy Rewards members who reserve online are entitled to a 15% discount off any of Peachy’s regular Atlanta off-airport parking rates at the company’s outdoor or indoor airport parking.

Refer to our table below to see what third-party lots are charging:

NameAverage Rate Per Day
ATL Economy$12
Atlanta Airport Marriott$6
Comfort Inn$7
Days Inn$5
Econo Lodge$6
Motel 6 Atlanta Airport$6
PARK 'N Fly$10
Park 'N Go$11
Park-Ride at ATL$9
Peachy Airport
Super 8$15
The Parking Spot$9
Wellesley Inn$9

What is going to be included?

Airport parking facilities are usually located in or around the airport and offer guests the option to park their vehicles in an indoor or outdoor facility, and the outdoor facilities can be covered or uncovered.  Parking options may include indoor self-parking or outdoor self-parking.

When you park your car, you will be given a ticket that will need to be placed on your dashboard in clear view.  When you exit, this ticket will tell the parking lot attendant when you parked your car there so that he knows how much to charge you.

Many parking lots offer some sort of security.  This could be as basic as a gate to prevent unwanted people from getting in and out, a camera system that can be reviewed in case anything happens to your vehicle, or possibly even a security guard making rounds every so often to make sure there is no suspicious behavior.

Most airport parking establishments are open 24 hours a day, all days of the week and are usually equipped with automated entrance and exit gates.  Some parking lots will have an option for you to pay at a machine with your credit card, while others will have an attendant there to take your money.

Depending on the airport parking company, the service may include a free shuttle to and from all terminals and free luggage assistance.

What are the extra costs?

The Hartfield-Jackson International Airport charges maximum daily rate for a lost ticket for all types of parking.  This means that if you lose your ticket, you will not receive the discounted long-term parking price.

If you take the free shuttle service, some drivers expect a tip when you get off.  This is usually around $1 to $2.

If you prefer to pull right up to the terminal and have other people park your car using a valet service, this will make your costs much higher.

Tips to know:

Some airport parking facilities offer customers a number of perks for patronizing their parking services.  Among these are a complimentary car wash, a copy of a newspaper, and bottled water.

Due to the volume of traffic at the Hartfield-Jackson International Airport, authorities constantly update each of the parking lots.  Before traveling, be sure to visit the site to check for parking availability and any changes in pricing.

If you are a frequent traveler, consider setting up an account to use the Gold Reserve spot located on the ground floor of reserved spaces at the daily and Park-Ride areas.  The rate for this option is typically higher due to the guaranteed spot.

There are many parking services that only take cash, so make sure that you have enough to pay for your parking.

If you are parked at an off-site parking lot, you may need to call them and let them know when you need to be picked up since not all of them run their shuttles constantly.

How can I save money?

Find coupons that offer discounts off regular airport parking rates.

Consider using the economy or uncovered, long-term parking options.  You can use the free shuttle to proceed to the terminal and return to your vehicle.

Usually, the off-site parking lots will be cheaper than the airport lots.

If you are going to stay at a hotel the night before the flight, see if your hotel has any sort of parking options.

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