How Much Does an Atlanta Athletic Club Membership Cost?

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The Atlanta Athletic Club (AAC) is an internationally famous private golf and country club located in Johns Creek, Georgia.

As the Atlanta Athletic Club is a private club, membership is strictly by invitation only.

How much does an Atlanta Athletic Club membership cost?

According to a poster on Yahoo! Answers, the Atlanta Athletic Club in Georgia has an $80,000 initiation fee and monthly dues are about $300 to $400.

According to, the initiation fee for the Atlanta Athletic Club is over $40,000.

The membership options

A Jones Golf membership is a full membership including golf, in addition to use of all Club facilities.

Heisman membership includes use of all club facilities, with limited golf.

Legacy membership is available for a son or daughter of a current member.

An Associate membership is designed for a member between the ages of 25 and 39.

non-resident membership is for anyone living outside of a seventeen county area.

Atlanta Athletic Club membership overview

The club offers two 18-hole golf courses, the Highland Course and Riverside Course, and a par-3 golf course, consisting of 9 holes from 75 to 125 yards to practice your short game.

The tennis complex located at the AAC offers cool, airy, indoor courts as well as 12 well-kept outdoor courts.  These courts have been home to a lot of large tennis tournaments, including the 2010 Atlanta Tennis Championship.  An indoor lounge, covered veranda, and ice and water are also available for members.

There are three restaurants available within the Atlanta Athletic Club.  The first, The Merion Bistro and Wine Room, provides fine dining as well as wine tasting.  They claim that their dishes use superior ingredients cooked by the finest chefs.  The second restaurant, the Royal Troon Grill, provides a less formal dining experience while still offering fine foods on the menu.  The third, the Halfway House, offers casual dining of burgers, sandwiches, salads, and even self-serve frozen yogurt and snack bar.

The aquatics center has an outdoor heated Olympic pool as well as a children’s pool.  The aquatics center also provides certified lifeguards anytime the pool is open.  There are swim and dive classes, lessons, and competitions for divers of all ages.  They even have water aerobics as a fitness opportunity.

The Retreat Spa brags that it can easily take away your stress and replace it with full relaxation.  The spa offers a variety of services such as nail treatments, facials, massages, wraps, and even laser treatments.

According to their official website, “Every year since 1997 the Atlanta Athletic Club has earned the Platinum Club’s award for Best Athletic Club in the United States.”  They offer state-of-the-art equipment, personal training, classes for adults and youth, and nutritionists on staff.

Membership to the club is by invitation from current members in good standing.  A potential member must be well known by the sponsoring club members.

What are the extra costs?

The club in Johns Creek, Georgia provides posted greens fees, which includes the weekend green fee, including the cart, which costs $150 and the weekday green fee, including cart, which also costs $150.

Tips to know:

The Atlanta Athletic Club has been ranked in the list of top ten country clubs in the United States every year since 2009.

Famous members of the club include golfers Robert Tyre (Bobby) Jones Jr. and Charles R. Yates, tennis player Nat Thornton, football player and coach Dan Reeves, and basketball player Mark Price.

The club has hosted many non-golf events, including men’s basketball tournaments, badminton championships, and lawn tennis.

Make sure you check the dress code for all events and activities in the club.  While the dress code may be more casual in one area, a dress code will probably still apply.

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