How Much Do Baby Pacifiers Cost?

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Most newborns, as well as young toddlers, often have a hard time sleeping at night without a pacifier.  Purchasing one for the first time can actually be a little more of a challenge than expected as there are many brands, features, and reviews on each and every one.  With that being said, each factor can greatly influence a baby pacifier cost.

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How much does a baby pacifier cost?

On average, a baby pacifier can cost anywhere from $1 for a cheaper version to as much as $10 for one that comes with a stuffed anmial..  It’s going to greatly depend on the brand, the type of pacifier as well as other factors.

One of the most popular pacifiers on the market — the Soothie — can cost anywhere from $4 to $7.

The First Essentials Soft Center Latex will cost anywhere from $2 to $5.

The Philips Avent Ventilated Orthodontic Pacifiers recommended for those 0 to 6 months run $5 to $12.

The Philips AVENT BPA Free set of 2 can run anywhere from $6 to $12.

The Natursutten BPA Free Natural Rubber branded pacifier costs $9 to $17.

Another highly rated brand, The First Years Soothie, is designed for babies who are currently teething.  This can cost anywhere from $4 to $9.

One of the best-selling ones online, the Razbaby RaZberry Teether, costs anywhere $5 to $10.

BrandPrice Range
Avent Pacifier$3 to $7 per 2-pack
Dr. Brown's$6 per 2-pack
Jollypop Pacifier$2
MAM$6 each
Nuk$4 per 2-pack
The First Years$8 per 2-pack
Tommee Tippe$6 each

Baby pacifier overview

The pacifier is made up of three parts:  the nipple, guard and ring.  The nipple is placed inside your baby’s mouth to allow them to suck on it.  The guard prevents your baby from drawing in the entire nipple, and the ring provides you with a grip when you need to remove the pacifier from your baby’s mouth.

Pacifiers will be grouped by size:  small (6 months or younger), medium (six to 18 months) and large (18 months and older).  The sizing will work depending on the brand.

The nipple will either be made of a silicone, latex or hard plastic.

Common types may include a multiple piece, single piece, stuffed animal, novelty, feeding and glow in the dark.

Some kits will come with carrying cases you can take on the go.

Some may also include more than one for future use.

Others may include a small clip you can use to clip to your child’s shirt.

Pacifier brands

What are the extra costs?

If you the pacifier doesn’t come with a case, you will more than likely want to purchase one when hitting the road to keep it safe from germs.

Since these pacifiers can be dropped on the floor by your child, it’s always best to bring two to three when traveling.

A pacifier clip can cost $1 to $5.

A pacifier won’t last forever, so be sure to look for warning signs when replacing one.

Tips to know:

Consider looking for a pacifier that are labeled, “orthodontic.”  These types are going to be the best in terms of shape that help develop your child’s tongue and palate.

It’s always best to consider purchasing silicone rather than latex.  They are not only going to keep longer, they can also be washed in the dishwasher without being ruined.

Be sure to look for smaller air holes around the pacifier.  This is going to ensure that the air is circulated.  It will also ensure that the saliva doesn’t irritate their skin.

Always be sure to wash your pacifier before using it, and never tie the pacifier around your child’s neck when not in use.

Always check for records using the site.  While stores are required to take these items down, some often forget or can leave some behind.  It’s wise to check this website before making a purchase in store.

You will be able to tell when your baby needs a pacifier when they start to suckle on a baby bottle when empty or they begin to suck their thumbs or toys.  The appropriate age will vary; however, most feel it all depends on if you will breastfeed or not.

Clean your pacifier the same way you would your bottles and sippy cups.

Phthalates haven’t been used in pacifiers since 1999.

When should you stop a pacifier?  Experts recommend limiting it when they are two years old and getting rid of it 100 percent at four due to potential dental problems.

How can I save money?

Compare a few brands as they are all going to vary in pricing.

Consider looking for coupon codes online via some of your favorite stores.   Amazon and Babies R US always have coupons for their baby items.

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