Back Dimple Piercing Cost

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Referred to as a venue piercing, a back dimple piercing perforates the lower back, slightly above the hip.

This piercing, popular among teenagers, can be noticed when either low-rise skirts, shorts or jeans are worn.

The average back dimple piercing costs

The cost of a back dimple piercing will greatly depend on the professional you choose, your geographical location and the jewelry you choose.  In most cases, if you were to choose a basic piece of jewelry, the entire process, including this jewelry, could cost $40 to $80; however, if you were to upgrade your jewelry to a stainless steel piece or even gold, then the costs could greatly increase.  For most, though, a simple surface bar, dermal anchor or barbell will suffice.

According to one member answering this Yahoo! question, she claimed it cost her $45 per piercing.

The process

Before the piercing begins, the piercer will first want to know exactly where you want the piercing as the locations can vary.  With this information, he or she will mark the area with a marker to confirm your decision.

Marking and confirming the area, he or she will then stretch the skin using a clamp and will push a hollow, sterile needle or dermal punch through your skin.

After it’s complete, the jewelry, often a barbell or surface bar, is inserted and the opposite side is pierced.

Is it painful?

According to those who had the piercing, the results are mixed.  Some state that if you can tolerate pain, it shouldn’t bother you, while others say you will feel a stinging sensation, which can lead to swelling and tenderness, lasting for a few days.  To some, this can be uncomfortable.  The healing, on average, will take about 30 to 90 days to heal properly.

Aftercare tips

Always avoid touching the newly pierced areas with your bare hands.  If you have to, always make sure you thoroughly wash your hands before proceeding.

To clean the piercing, you can do so by using a cotton ball dipped in a warm salt water.  You can also rinse the piercing using an aftercare spray.

Like touching, avoid using any sort of lotion, sprays, moisturizers and/or ointments which could cause irritation to the area.

Things to keep in mind

With a back dimple piercing, the location can be a bit of a hassle to some.  For example, this piercing can often get caught in your jeans, causing quite some pain.  It can also become quite irritated as it rubs against any articles of clothing in the area, also causing some pain.

Being a hard to reach area, changing and/or cleaning the piercing can be a challenge.  Be prepared to have someone help you with this.

If you do not take care of your piercings as you should, your body could reject it, making it one of the harder piercings to be accepted by your body.

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