How Much Does a Background Check Cost?

If you own your own company, or maybe you want to do some research on a person that you know, a background check may be something that you’re interested in obtaining.  A background check is a way to find information on a history of finances, criminal records, public information, as well as bankruptcies, employment and more.

How much is it?

Type of Background CheckCost
County Court Search$10 to $20
Criminal Database Search$10 to $20
Driver's License Search$3 to $15
Education Verification$5 to $15
Employment History Verification$5 to $15
Federal Criminal Search$8 to $20
Identity Verification$2 to $4
Professional License Verficiation$5 to $15
Statewide Criminal Search$7 to $22
Sex Offender Search$0 to $5
Tenant Eviction Records$5 to $10
Terrorist Watch List$0 to $6
CompanyPrice Range
CJIS Background Check$15 to $30
HireRight Background Check$29.95 to $69.95
Instacheck Background Check$25
Intellicorp Background Check$16
Intelius Background Check$20 to $50
NICS EZ Check$0 to $5
Orange Tree Employment Screening$18
PeopleSmart Background Check$20 to $40
PeopleWise$9 to $25
US Search Background Check$19.95

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know

How can I save money?

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