How Much Does a Backup Camera Installation Cost?

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A backup camera system is attached to the back of any vehicle for the purpose of backing up and seeing the obstacles behind you.

Today, there are many vehicles that now come standard with a backup camera system.  In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that all cars must have the technology by 2018.

If you want to take advantage of a backup camera and install it on your vehicle, it can be done often by installing a third-party product, either at your local dealer or independent retailer.

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How much does it cost to install a backup camera?

Most third-party backup cameras, depending on the brand and where you purchase it, can cost around $20 to more than $700+ without professional installation.  The costs, like any technology gadget, will depend on the brand, its features and where you purchase it.  A lower end camera, often in the $20 to $40 range, often includes minimal wiring and no monitor, while a higher end camera setup will include a larger monitor, multiple cameras and many features.  For instance, a Garmin GPS with a backup camera can cost $400 for the part alone.

For example, the highest rated backup cameras online on retail for $20 to $40.  Most of these cameras are mounted on a license plate frame and will need to connect the car’s power source, which according to the reviews, many recommend hiring a professional to help.

The installation process, on the other hand, will cost another $75 to $200, depending on the complexity of the setup, bringing the grand total to an average of $175 to $1,150+.

For example, the Geek Squad at Best Buy charges $99 for a basic rear camera installation only.  This wouldn’t include the camera as you would have to purchase on directly at Best Buy.

Crutchfield charges $159.99 for the installation only.

Browsing the Amazon Home Services quote generated, many audio professionals were willing to install a customer provided a backup camera for $180 to $240. says you should be prepared to spend $150 to $400 for the camera and another $400 to $600 for the labor.

Type of InstallationAverage Price for Parts and Installation
Installing a 3.5-inch screen and a backup camera$250 to $400
Replacing a rearview mirror with an advanced video screen.$300 to $700
Integrating a new backup camera into an existing video screen$400 to $800
Installing a new screen in a car with a standard radio with no screen$500 to $2,500, greatly depending on the navigation technology

Installing a backup camera overview

Most car audio and electronic businesses and some big-box retailers sell and/or install backup cameras.

A backup camera, as an aftermarket device, is either mounted to your back bumper or via a license plate holder.  The screen, meanwhile, will either replace your existing rear-view mirror, a third-party video screen that’s able to mount to your dashboard or as a replacement for your car stereo.

The professional estimates mentioned above may or may not include the backup camera, wiring, materials, concealing all wiring, testing the camera and cleaning the area being worked on once done.  The average installation should take one to two hours.

If using a professional, the backup camera will either be mounted to an existing or new video monitor, which is installed in the car.  All of the wiring, from there, will be secured and concealed beneath the trim and carpeting.

What are the extra costs?

A materials charge for specific vehicles may vary but can add another $20 to $35 in miscellaneous parts.  This is often the case if modifications are required such as needing extra wires, cradles and/or brackets.

Lower end backup cameras, as stated, often won’t include a monitor, forcing you to use a cellphone app instead.  If you were to want a monitor, then you will want to budget for one.

Tips to know:

While a wireless camera may sound like an easy installation option, the picture quality is often terrible and wires will still need wires in order to power the unit.

According to QuickVu Cams, a small 1.5 to 2-inch monitor may be hard to see from the driver’s seat, and for that reason, they recommend a 3.5 or 4.3-inch colorful display.

How can I save money?

Talk with a local independent shop before heading to the dealer.  They will usually be able to do it for you much cheaper than a dealership will.

Because a backup camera is considered a safety feature, you may be able to get a discount on your car insurance.  Check with your provider to see if you qualify.

If you live in a populated area, then there’s a good chance there are multiple audio specialists who are willing to work with you.  Since this is often a straightforward job, most are able to offer you a quote over the phone.

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