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BarkBox, a monthly subscription box service designed just for dogs, offers a themed collection every month, offering dogs toys, treats and more.

The company has your back, claiming that if your dog does not like the entire box or an item, then you can return it for a free replacement.

BarkBox Cost
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How much does BarkBox cost per month?

The cost of BarkBox, according to the official website, will greatly depend on the type of plan you sign up for.  Like most subscription services, the longer you commit to the service, the more you’re going to be able to save.  The minimum monthly price, at the time of this publishing, is $29 a month, but this price, as we display in the table below, can drop as you commit to a longer term.

As of this publishing in 2018, the prices for a BarkBox subscription is as follows:

1st month$29 a month
6 months$25 a month
12 months$21 a month

NOTE:  In addition to the monthly prices mentioned prior, you can add a premium dog toy to your box for another $9 a month, but it is completely optional.

While the shipping is free for the 48 continuous United States, Hawaii and Alaska residents will need to pay an additional $5.

How does BarkBox work?

The entire process is extremely simple and will only take a few minutes of your time when signing up on the website.  When signing up for the first time, the website will first ask you how big your dog is as they offer three sizes:  the small BarkBox, also known as the Small and Cute package, designed for dogs 0 to 10 pounds; the medium BarkBox, also known as the Just Right package, designed for dogs 50 to 100 pounds; and lastly, the big BarkBox, which is designed for dogs that weigh more than 50+ pounds.

After you designate the dog’s size and input your credit card information, you will then receive a BarkBox at your doorstep each month, with the average box containing anywhere from four to six items, including at least two healthy bags of treats, two dog toys and a dog chew.  Outside of this, the box theme will remain a mystery, but according to, it will often match the current season, so it’s best to plan for holiday-themed toys.

The first box, according to the FAQ, will arrive two to eight business days after you place your order.  If you’re already a subscriber, then they will ship out the box on the 15th of every month.

BarkBox monthly themes examples

Every month, the company will take your dog on a new adventure, offering a new theme, opening you and your dog to an entirely different world.  The official website does allow you to tour the themes of the past and we included some of the information we researched below as well.

New York City- Andi’s Famous Plush Dumplings: A plush shaped like a dumpling filled with a squeaker.
- Pretzel Rope Plush: Heavy chew toy made from durable material, stuffed with stomach-safe T-shirt rope
- Lady Liberty Ball: Bouncy, squeaky ball built with a spiky ball core
- Chester's Pigeon: Squeaker toy packed with fluffy stuffing
- Central Pork Pizza: All-natural ingredient dog treat bag, with pork mentioned as first ingredient
- Deer Chew: Nutritious dog chew made from American deer
Sniffin' Safari- Chewfasa the Lion: Soft and tear-able hair toy
- Hangry Hangry Hippo: Made with safe T-shirt rope, equipped with a spiky ball core and soft plush covering
- Cooper’s Candid Camera: Bouncy squeaker toy, made with 100% natural rubber
- Charlie’s Heart of Cheesiness Nuggets: Grain-free soft treats made in the USA or Canada, all without any preservatives, fillers or colors
- Banana Bacon Safari Snacks: Allergen-free snack flavored with banana and bacon
- Lamb Nik-Knacks Chews: All-natural lamb ear pieces sourced from the USA
Bento & Blossoms- JoJo Dreams of Sushi: Stretchy rope shaped like sushi, made of durable ballistic nylon
- Rubber Lucky Cat: Treat-dispensing cat toy made from non-toxic rubber
- Edna’s Edamame: Soft and squeaky toy shaped like edamame beans
- Mr. Sakay Salmon and Rice Treat: Chewy snack treat flavored like salmon made from the USA and Canada without any nasty preservatives
- Hello Ducky!: All-natural duck snacks made from duck with no corn, soy, grain or gluten
- Chicky Twizzie: Long lasting chew without the gluten, grain, dairy, soy or smells

Tips to know

According to the company, they will only include toys and treats from reliable and trusted vendors that use only the highest ingredients.  As for toys, the same can be said as they are only known to work with toys that only use the best materials that will not harm your dog.  All boxes are free of any soy, corn and wheat, but if your dog is allergic to chicken, beef or turkey, for example, then there are allergy-friendly boxes available.

Is it worth the price?  According to many reviews we read online, it appeared you could save up to 20% if you were to subscribe to the service since, most of the time, you’re going to pay much more if you were to buy each item individually., the website mentioned earlier, noted if you regularly buy treats and toys, then yes, it’s a good value and worth a try; however, if you do not spend more than $20 a month on toys and treats, then it probably will not make sense for your budget.

Be on the lookout for special coupon codes as many websites do offer a free month code for first-time buyers.

Your credit card on file will automatically renew, so if you want to cancel, you will have to do so via your dashboard.  Failing to do so will lead to more boxes an additional charges.  You are able to cancel anytime as long as your current subscription is about to expire.

The company donates 10% of all of its profits to local shelters, plus they have something known as the BarkGood program, which helps out over 3,000 shelters.

If you have a favorite toy from the past, the company allows you to repurchase it directly from the website.

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