How Much Do Basketball Uniforms Cost?

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In order to form any kind of basketball team, whether it is for a recreational league or a school league, it is necessary to have matching uniforms.  There are many different options and materials when it comes to choosing basketball uniforms.  It is best to first decide on a budget, and then research the best quality you can get for that price.

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How much do basketball uniforms cost?

The cheapest option for uniforms is to simply have matching t-shirts made and have everyone wear matching shorts.  The price to get a t-shirt made with a specific design at a local print shop will be anywhere from $10-$30.  This price depends on whether the shirt will be screen printed or embroidered, whether it is one color or multiple colors, and whether it has writing on one side or on the front and back.  Because most basketball uniforms require a jersey number, front and back printing will usually be necessary.

Ordering full basketball uniforms that have been pre-designed from a company such as GTM Sportswear will cost anywhere from $25-$60 per uniform.  For school teams, it is usually best to have a home (white or lighter colored) and away (darker colored) uniform.  With an estimated 12 people on a team, and a home and away uniform for each player, the total cost can be $600-$1440.  Many companies have uniforms which are reversible, resulting in only one uniform needing to be purchased.  These are usually between $40-$60, which translates to a total cost of $480-$720 for a team of 12 people.

Ordering custom-made uniforms with your own design and logo from a company such as Allen Sportswear can cost between $60-$100 per uniform.  Therefore, ordering home and away custom uniforms for a team of 12 people will cost between $1440-$2400.

What is going to be included in the estimates?

If ordering custom made t-shirts from a print shop, the only thing included will be the t-shirts and the printing.  Some companies also have a satisfaction guarantee, meaning that if something happens to the shirt or you are unsatisfied in any way, they will remake the order for you.

If ordering uniforms from a uniform company, the jersey, shorts, and printing/embroidery will all be included.  The shipping is also sometimes offered for free.

What are the extra costs?

Embroidery is more expensive than screen printing, so choosing embroidery will make your cost on the higher end of the spectrum.

Many teams also like to have matching warm-up pants or shooting shirts; these will cost about $20-$50 extra per player.

Some schools also like their players to have matching shoes.  For information on team shoes, visit Eastbay.

For a customized design, many shops can work up a design for you for a nominal fee.

Tips to know:

When ordering jerseys, always make sure that you have the sizes of each member on the team.  It’s best to let each member see a sizing chart so that they can get an appropriate size.

When considering a design for the uniform, be sure to talk with more than just the embroidery shop.  There are a lot of talented graphic design artists online that can design a logo for as little as $30.

Order jerseys well ahead of time as most shops are going to take a few weeks to get the jersey ordered.  It’s wise to ensure that the appropriate amount of time is given so that can be delivered on time.

How can I save money?

If you are purchasing uniforms for a school team and you are on a strict budget, reversible uniforms are the cheapest way to go.  However, many players complain that they hold sweat and become heavy, weighing them down on the court.

Many companies offer discounts such as free shooting shirts with a purchase of an entire teams’ uniforms or free away uniforms with the purchase of home uniforms.  Other companies offer loyal customer rewards programs.  Shop around and research each company before deciding.

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