How Much Does a Bay Club Membership Cost?

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Founded in 1977, The Bay Club, formely known as the Western Atheltic Club, is an active lifestyle company with more than 24 locations across 10 campuses in Northern and Southern California.

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How much does a Bay Club membership cost?

The cost of a monthly membership is going to depend on the location and the type of membership you choose.  Most locations start at $160 per month, while the premium membership is close $250.  If you want access to all other affiliated clubs in the area, the prices can range anywhere from $250 to $500+ per month.  Popular locations include Cupertino, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Gateway, Pacific Palisades, Redondo Beach, Rolling Hills and Santa Monica to name a few.

Aside from the monthly fees, the one-time initiation fee is said to be $500 or less, depending on the current promotion.  If you’re lucky, this fee may be waived.

With a handful of locations, we researched a few locations and included the costs we had found in our table below:

LocationPrice Paid
Redwood City, CA- $400 to $600 initiation fee
- $185 to $300 a month
San Francisco, CA- $300 a month
Cupertino, CA- $166 to $250+ a month
SF Financial District in San Francisco, CA- $115 to $230+ a month
Carmel Valley in San Diego, CA- $300 for couples membership per month
Santa Clara, CA- $300 initiation fee
- $200 to $292 a month
Gateway in San Francisco, CA- $170 to $260 a month
South Bay in El Segundo, CA- $150 a month
Redondo Beach, CA- $165 a month
Howard Hughes Center in Los Angeles, CA- $150 to $300 a month
Pacific Palisades in Pacific Palisades, CA- $150 a month

According to this article, the Bay Club Cupertino membership cost is around $160 a month and the premium membership is $250 per month.

One member on this Yelp review stated that she paid $200 a month for an executive membership, which included access to an executive locker room at the Cupertino location.

On yet another Yelp thread, a member claimed they paid $300+ a month at the Redwood City location. says the average monthly fee starts at $171 at the San Francisco location.

Bay Club overview

The club, depending on the location, offers the following types of membership options:  country club, Club West, regional, single-site, young professional or a corporate membership.  The single-site membership, as it sounds, is designed for one location only, while the young professional member is intended for those who are younger than 29.  A regional membership offers access to all clubs, amenities and the services you need, whereas the Club West membership is designed for those who want to upgrade sports access and enhanced access.

As with any gyms, you will still notice the usual classes such as spin, yoga, Zumba, and more, all of which are included in the membership.  More than a gym, the club is considered to be a “lifestyle” club with cutting-edge fitness equipment.  At most locations, you will also find, squash, tennis and basketball courts, pools, steam rooms, saunas and a spa.

What are the extra costs?

Personal training, aquatic programs and weight loss challenges are all available for an additional fee.  We did find one member paid $260 for six-week group sessions and another paid $90 per hour for a private personal trainer.

The club’s spa is available for all members at an additional cost.

Guest fees, if you do decide to bring in a non-member, may be incurred.  According to our research, guest passes can cost up to $30 a day.

Renting a locker can cost close to $35 a month.  Their laundry service can cost $14 per month.

Tips to know

Ask the club for a complete list of what is included as part of your membership as some premiums may only be available for certain membership tiers.

Get to know more about the club first prior to signing up as the gym does provide free tours.  Make sure that it offers what you want and need so you do not end up paying for a membership that you will not even use.

Ask for a tour of the club before signing up for anything; however, you must visit the club in person if you want to inquire about membership because it does not entertain inquiries or reservations via email.  This is strictly followed by the club for security reasons.

How can I save money?

Take advantage of the club’s rewards program to earn points and get rewards such as travel and leisure packages and discounts.

A free three-day pass can commonly be found online for first-time visitors.  Take advantage of the promotion before committing.

In some situations, you may be able to save if you pay for your membership in full for the year.

If you’re younger than 30, ask about the young professional membership to save.

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